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What is Data Trading and Best iOS and Android Apps for Stock Trading

Data Trading

Trading stocks and cryptocurrencies are one of the best ways to make yourself rich. But one needs to have a correct strategy in the market and it is not an easy job to always be updated and belong visioned enough to envision the trends of the market. You need to invest a lot of time in researching the market even before you invest something of a monetary value in it.

What does mean by Data Trading

Data Trading is an innovative solution for your market and trading research. It is an Artificial Intelligence-based platform and this the solution you were searching for if you are thinking about doing some smart trading. This uses the hi-tech and new world technology of Machine Learning combined with the principles of the above-mentioned Artificial Intelligence and this makes advanced trading available and easy to do for retail traders.

As an individual, Data Trading can recognize your investments and draft you a long-term or even a short-term strategy based on your goals. It guides you when to sell, purchase, hold your assets. With its amazing AI Capabilities, it makes predictions which helps you always to be one step ahead of your competitors in the market.

Key Features of Data Trading

  • AI-Based Screener: Data trading has an AI-Based Screener feature. With the help of this feature, you will have the ability to find the best entry point pairs on the market. The platform currently has 170 crypto pairs and is aiming to add more in the future.
  • Trade Advisor: The feature is best when you do not have a concrete plan of action in the market. It helps the beginners in the market to a high extent. The DataTrading advisor will help you through the whole processing of the deal and help in all of the aspects, whether to buy, hold and sell.
  • Hourly Signals: It has an hourly signal feature that helps you to keep up the pace with the trading world. Also, the signals for every trading pair get an update each hour, 24/7
  • Binance Support: Data trading comes in a packaging of trading pairs to USDT (19 pairs) and to BTC (170+ pairs) from Binance. The exchanges are also joining hands with Data Trading to enter the platform.

Effects of Data Trading

Data trading has brought to the market an immense change in terms of how people trade and manage their assets and investments. The introduction of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to the realm of markets and investments has brought about a revolutionary change in the trading world. This gives you the power to find out the right kind of data you need and deploy them in the market for the best of your needs.

The absence of the correct type of data and unstructured information makes the already daunting job even more difficult. With the presence of correct data, traders will have their jobs easier and ultimately make their decisions based on the resources and information available to them. The explosion of alternate data makes the use of platforms like Data Trading inevitable.

Best Android and iOS Apps for Stock Trading


Fidelity is one of the best brokerage solutions for beginners. It is helpful for anyone with a focus on long-term goals and retirement reinvestments. It is a full-service solution with a long list of account and investment types supported. They have $0 stock and ETF rates and hence you get a lot of services at a low cost. It has full availability with Android, iOS, and Android device supportability. This app includes everything that you need in order to manage all your Fidelity Investment accounts and enter various trades. Although it does not have any advanced charting features like some other apps it is great for beginners.

TD Ameritrade

TD Ameritrade offers something for everyone at very reasonable pricing. The basic mobile app provided by them is very beginner-friendly and great for casual stock traders who want to manage their investments on the go. The Advanced traders have the advanced think or swim app for a professional experience. You also get a brokerage account with the app. It has got a $0 commission on online stock and ETF, $25 for broker-assisted trades, and $49.99 for no-load mutual funds while other additional fees may apply.


It is a very technology-centric trading application, which is helpful for stock traders with some experience in the market. As it is not filled with educational resources, it is not very helpful for beginners. It is very much filled with important resources for traders. In this application, the advanced and expert stock traders will enjoy the advanced charting and optional addons for an advanced quote of data. With all the high-level features of the app, one is to expect that this will make the app a high-priced proposition. It is almost completely free to use. $0 commission on online stock and ETF, $8 to $45 for wire transfers is all you need.


SoFi is the shorthand term for Social Finance. It offers loans, banking options, and investments through a convenient and easy-to-use mobile application. It is an ideal option for investors who are looking to know more about stock trading. This option offers commission-free trades and fractional shares called stock bits, with an absolute low amount of $1 as a minimum balance requirement. The individual pages on the application though do not have any high level of details required. SoFi invest tab is made up of the learning section articles which help the brokers to learn. Requires no fees for online stock or ETF traders and 1.25% markup on the crypto transaction is all that you require.

Everything happening over the internet with machine-managed systems is the norm of the future of everything and trading is no different. Gone are the days of standing in the stock exchanges in the hustle and bustle and work towards your investments. You can now have all your trading on the tip of your fingers and work from the comfort of your couches.

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