What Are Robots And What Does Mean By Robotics And Importance Of Robotics For Future

Robots and Robotics

Today robots are landed their foot in every sector. A Robot is nothing but a machine that is capable of doing automatically for what it is programmed. Robots are replacing humans in much dangerous work which is more helpful for humankind. This field is evolving and now it is taking part in every aspect of human life. Now researchers are trying the version of it to behave exactly like a human.

Robotics is the branch of technology that deals with the design, construction, operation, and application of robots. robotics is very important for the future of business, technology, medical inventions, financial tech, machinery, and Marketing.

Here we can list out the latest Robots for the Future in 2021.


Samsung created a small robot assistant developed with an idea to support users around the house. The robot is designed with the capabilities to understand, support, and react to the user’s requirements around the house. It is from the source that the Ballie a robot built with an AI Algorithm which helps the robot to work as a fitness assistant for the users and also can work as a mobile interface and allows searching solutions for the people’s changing needs.


Bellabot is a cat-faced full-dimensional sensory robot used for food delivery. It is created by a Chinese firm, known as PuduTech. It is built with innovative multi-modal interaction and helps in delivering food in a friendly manner. Pudu Slam, a multi-sensor fusion SLAM algorithm used in BellaBot. This algorithm is developed by Pudu. To get the task completed the algorithm and the combination of various sensors such as vision camera, lidar, IMU, encoder, an RGB-D depth camera, and ultrasonic radar are need to work together.


C-Astra is a robot launched by Invento Robotics this April in India. It is a smart LiDAR robot that helps in screening patients and cleaning the infected areas. C-Astra is a semi-automatic robot also helpful in fighting against coronavirus. It is also disinfecting buildings using the UVC light and records the temperature of the body using thermal cameras.


Jivaka is a remote-controlled rover launched by the Parel Workshop of Central Railways in India. It works as a virtual healthcare worker. This med-bot also performs several activities in the department of the patient’s care such as measuring blood pressure, oxygen saturation level, the temperature of the body, and many others.


MarsCat is a bionic intelligent home robot developed by Elephant Robotics, China. It is developed with the ambition to make it comfortable with the user and give more surprise by reacting to your touch. It is fully automatic and can feel your touch, hear your voice, see your face, and play with toys. It is built with quad-core Raspberry PIa and it has abilities to recognize an image, calculate distance between two points, and more.


Neon is the virtual being computationally created and released by Samsung’s Technology and Advanced Research Labs STAR in South Korea. It is like a human not only in looks and also behaves like a real human being. The virtual being can show emotions, react to human affection, very intelligent and create new memories. From the known sources, the virtual being support human with goal-oriented tasks and also can be designed for the task that requires little human support.

PowerEgg X

PowerEgg X is a controlled and highly performed drone created by PowerVision Robot Corporation, China.  It is very suitable for taking quality dynamic aerial photographs. The user can control the drone within a distance of 3.7 Miles and can transmit an image with quality of 1080P.

The PowerEgg X has strong face recognition capabilities and is continuously improving by deep learning.  It is training to follow the object when taking a photo or recording a video. It can fly for 30 minutes in the air.

 Surena IV

Surena IV is the most advanced humanoid robot released by the University of Tehran’s Center for Advanced Systems and Technologies (CAST). A team of 50 Iranian robot cists is involved in the creation of Surena IV.  It performs some job performed by human such as grasping a water bottle, writing its name on a whiteboard, given pose like a human. The robot is controlled by a whole-body motion controller to maintain its posture without falling down. The unique force sensors are fixed on the bottom of its feet to help in stepping over uneven surfaces. It adjusts its angle and position of each foot to control itself while moving.

Stretch RE1

Stretch RE1 is a low-cost and lightweight robot that has a telescoping arm attached to it. It is created by Hello Robot US. The researchers said that it is designed to help them in developing robot applications and it also helps people in homes. It is an autonomous robot and interacts with people by using a low-weight, contact-sensitive body. It consists of a gripper, a computer, sensors, and software.


Vyommitra is a female humanoid robot that can do multiple tasks. It is released by the Indian Space Research Organisation, India. It is built to participate in the first human spaceflight programme (Gaganyaan) and to fly in the first unmanned flight, which is scheduled for the end of this year. It is mentioned that it can speak two languages and can also do the human job like switch-panel operations and more.

Importance of Robotics for Future

  • It will influence the human in every job both at home and work. Its performances are increased to compete with humans.
  • It performed an effective job in healthcare such as disinfect spaces, transport medical supplies, carry food around hospitals, and so on.
  • It is also implemented in cleaning and repairing the roads.
  • In factories, it can be automated the processes and increases production by using robotics.
  • It can replace many works at home like a vacuum cleaner and robotic cooker and might expect more in future.
  • Your co-workers in the workplace might be robots. It is expected that robots might replace half of all low-skilled jobs.
  • Self-driving cars are also futuristic robots. Many companies trying their best to launch a completely self-driving car.

Future is the trend for robots and robotics. Robots might replace all your jobs and can also create jobs.

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