How To Use PS5 Controller- Complete User Guide

PS5 Controller

The PS5’s main appeal is the novel DualSense controller, offering the users the feeling of next-gen in their hands. Unfortunately, it can be hard to express the experience unless you have used it personally. However, the good thing is that the pre-installed Astro’s Playroom can offer the user a fantastic walkthrough of its usefulness. Even if you have no previous experience with Ps consoles, this guide will cover everything you need to know.

Design of The DualSense PS5 Controller

While it may not seem at first, the DualSense controller is built on the DualShock 4 for the PS4. This is undeniably the greatest console in the history of PlayStation as yet. The colouring has altered to a two-tone style to mimic the PS5, and the mass has been slightly raised. The touch panel is still there on top, and the position of the thumbsticks is also unchanged. What’s new is the return of the light bar located around the touch panel this time.

This implies that it’s incompatible with PSVR, irrespective of the fact that PS5 support the virtual reality headset. Yet, there are motion sensors; therefore, possibly a future PSVR model might employ motion sensing instead.

The keys and D-pad are encased in transparent plastic; however, the symbols no longer retain various colours. The grips, on the contrary hand, aren’t particularly gripping because they’re pretty smooth.

The gamepad complies with the USB-C standard, bringing in a charging port compatible with a broad range of cords.

Exciting Features of PS5 Controller

1. An upgraded PS5 console share button

The share button on the PS5 console was upgraded to its own version. The share button of PS4 lets the users share images and short clips with their buddies. The novel share button (the Create Button) of the DualSense, carries out all this.

This button enables quick screenshot capturing and video sharing, making the whole procedure smoother and more streamlined. Also, it enables the user to begin broadcasting and streaming on several streaming platforms. Conversely, the new feature lets you select the format in which you intend to submit a video or an image.

2. In-built microphone

Unlike the previous models, the PlayStation 5 console features an in-built mic. This implies that you will no any more need a headphone to speak with your pals. The mic is employed in many games, such as Astro’s Playroom and is an excellent addition to the joystick. Now you can easily connect with friends on your new console in seconds.

3. 3D Audio

The PlayStation 5 console is too compatible with 3D technology. If you do not possess wireless 3D headphones, the PS5 console enables 3D audio output with any headphone through its headphone connection. 3D audio is entirely lifelike, and it makes the user hear every sound and audio cue accurately from a particular range. It also functions seamlessly on the PS5, letting the user customize the 3D audio to their tastes.

4. Adaptive Triggers

Adaptive triggers are too featured on the PS5 console. Unlike standard triggers, they bring an entirely new level of game immersion. To make this possible, they leverage adaptable trigger technology to generate friction and tension as you connect with your virtual world.

As you press down the trigger in Call of Duty: Cold War, the adaptive triggers make you feel the stress behind all the firing. This is highly reliant on the weight of the weapon. The adaptive triggers on the Ps5 controller are amazing and incredibly realistic. Maybe, more games will employ the technology over time.

5. Haptic feedback

Rumble technology can be witnessed in the video game consoles of today. This technology has been taken to a whole new level with haptic feedback in the PlayStation 5 console.

Haptic Feedback employs dual actuators for substituting the classic rumble motors. This makes the users experience an immersive feel while executing game actions. The PS5 gamepad’s haptic feedback is a unique feature as it completely captivates you in your gaming.   

Price of PS5 Controller

You can find one in the PlayStation 5 box. But, if you want another one, then you can expect to spend around 69.99 Dollars.

PS5 Controller Battery life

One more major accomplishment for the PS team was the enhancement of the rechargeable battery health of the new console. That is one of the major flaws of the DualShock 4, and it is wonderful to have it corrected. The DualShock 4 used to have a maximum battery life of about 8 hours.

How to Use It on a Computer?

Do you want to go wireless? Then, the new PlayStation 5 console can pair with your computer through Bluetooth. You must ensure that your laptop or desktop computer has an in-built Bluetooth receiver. In case there is no Bluetooth receiver, you can prefer to buy a Bluetooth USB adapter.

For pairing the console with Bluetooth, all you need to do is press and hold the centre PS button and the Create button together for 3 seconds. Of course, this will result in the flashing of the lightbar in the centre of the console.

After this, on your computer, go to the Bluetooth settings. If your computer runs on Windows 10, you must select the speech bubble icon in the taskbar. This will activate the Action Centre. Thus, from there, click on Bluetooth, and after that, on Wireless Controller.

If requested to give a pairing code, enter 0000. The DualSense Console must now be paired to your desktop or laptop via Bluetooth.

Setting Up PS5 Console in Steam

Steam introduced initial support for the PS5 console a couple of years ago; it later enhanced its compatibility. Even if you intend to use your PS5 in non-steam games, using Steam is unquestionably the simplest way to get it running on the computer.

You need to pair the controller to your computer through Bluetooth or wire to get started. As soon as you complete this step, go to Steam and activate the Big Picture Mode. Steam will set the key binds automatically to resemble an Xbox console; X is now the Square button, Y is now the Triangle button, and so forth.

Tips to remember about PS5 Controller

In case you intend to adjust the layout or gyro controls on your PS5 console, ensure to enable the PlayStation Configuration Support. When it is enabled, pressing the PS icon button on the console in a Steam game will open up Steam’s controller settings window.

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