Karam Zahalka – Urban C’s operations in Dubai under his supervision

Karam Zahalka

With technology, infrastructure, and opportunity at their fingertips, businesses are able to grow and expand within the market in Dubai. For years, it has been home to many businesses from all over the world. As Dubai and the Middle East as a whole are attempting to expand their markets beyond oil commerce, tourism, aluminum materials and goods, and fashion are among the leading businesses. Dubai has a very diverse population, with many foreigners from various countries worldwide. English is widely spoken, and industry is expanding with the city’s expansion. For example, construction, engineering, and consumer goods manufacturing have all been prominent activities in developing this world-class metropolis. Several service providers in the region have experience in company development, finance, education, and eHealth. It also encourages international investment and corporate diversification, making it a preferred market for companies wishing to expand.

Urban C is an aluminum and glass manufacturing company from Israel that started operations in Dubai in 2021 under the supervision of its second-generation leader Karam Zahalka. The company has made a name for itself since its inception in Israel, with a reputation and rich professional experience in projects of planning, production, and execution of curtain walls. The business created and implemented beautiful curtain wall projects in public and commercial buildings. The organization delivers high-quality service for unique projects for clients in the government, commercial, and public sectors while ensuring openness, dependability, and timeliness.

The second-generation leader of the company, Karam Zahalka, was born to a Muslim family on December 22, 2002, in Haifa Israel. Zahalka graduated from Al Carma Seminary High School in Haifa and went on to study business management at Ono Academic College. Zahalka, the eldest of his siblings, began his business career when he joined his father’s firm, Urban C. He was raised in a business family. Even though he joined his father’s firm, his presence improved their already thriving business.

A Generation Change To Reinvent The Business

For a successful generation change, people and machinery are not the only things required to fill the shoes of the founder of the company. The vision of the founder of the company is essential to be translated to the upcoming generation who have to take on the business on their shoulders, which is not only limited to inheriting the business, but they have to reinvent and reshape it to have it stretch its wings to other countries. The young corporate leader must carry out the original goal and develop and expand the founder’s entrepreneurial dream. To accomplish so, he must transform himself into a visionary, a pragmatic dreamer. When Zahalka embarked on his journey to join his father’s business, he had a clear vision of what he had to do with the business and how he had to reinvent their family business.

With the vision to reinvent the business, Zahalka pushed the envelope, and in 2021 he expanded the once-small aluminum factory to an extensive and international company when he launched Urban C’s operations in Dubai. He entered the Dubai market with a zealous administration staff. Urban C maintains two locations under Zahalka’s supervision, resulting in a one-stop curtain wall solution for consumers.

Later in 2022, With the ambition of reinventing the business, Zahalka moved his focus and founded Urban C Real Estate Company, where he began working on real estate projects such as building and revamping old buildings. His firm has grown to Haifa, Kafr Qara, and Tel Aviv by December 2022. Furthermore, as technology advances, Zahalka invests in new firms to foster technical developments in Israel, further reshaping the business to make it gain a broader international presence.

Exploring The Honey

At the very young age of 20, Zahalka has given the best of his efforts to make the family business reach new heights. As a second-generation leader in the business, his passion for exploring his childhood fascination with the use of honey led him to establish Tiberius Honey Spoon in his hometown of Kfar Kara. The idea that lay behind the latest inception of the honey factory came when he visited Turkey, which ignited the spark to explore honey until he discovered a recipe for making honey foundation for various drinks and delicacies.

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