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What Is Display Advertising? Importance of Display Advertising

Display Advertising

Marketers use visual ad formats along with banner ads to advertise their products on social media, websites, or apps, and this mode of online advertising is known as display advertising. Display advertising is a popular and effective format of digital advertising and it is completely driven by the visuals which it uses to spread brand awareness and attract attention all across the web. When marketers look for ways to reach and acquire customers display ads are considered to be very lucrative.

How to Improve Display Advertising?

Generous use of visual media like images, texts, or videos is done so that it can catch people’s attention. A display advertising can always be spotted in designated corners of web pages or social media platforms. Display advertising can mean all the campaigns which range from the simple use of words to the ones with attractive videos and this all is grouped under-display advertising.

A clever combination of gifs, images, videos, and texts is used by most of the display advertising campaigns which is quite a success. The combination used should make the advertising stand out on the internet as well as send its message to the targeted audience. To create engaging display ads marketers very commonly play and tweak around with the language, shapes, designs, and sizes of the banners. After knowing what display advertising is, it is quite interesting to learn about its targeting process.

Types of Display Advertising

Display Advertising is not just one thing, it has a total of four types and they are given as follows:

Banner ads

This is the most common format of display advertising because they clearly stand out on just any webpage. It is banner-like and that’s where it gets its name from. They are nothing more than image-based, hyperlinked ads in the shape of a strip. Usually, they are placed on the top of the restaurant.

Interstitial ads

These are the ads that appear as a separate page before you are directed to the original web page that you want to visit. This type is also useful in capturing the user’s attention since they take up the whole space.

Rich Media

If on average 30% of the users find traditional banner advertising distraction then the advisors are all exploring new and experiences.

Video Ads

In the case of display advertising, video ads are a bit more expensive than the others but some individuals don’t have any number. Even platforms like Instagram and Youtube have been made in India.

Targeting Process of Display Advertising

The targeting process of the display advertising is one of its most vital features which can target specific sections of the audience which is based on the advertiser’s requirements that match their parameters. With the help of this feature, it is fully ensured that the ad provided reaches the right audience and the ad spend isn’t is not wasted on a demographic which is not at all interested in the specific product or service. When it comes to displaying targeting, there is a huge amount of options available, and sometimes it becomes a bit overwhelming, hence it is quite important to decide the kind of demography you want to cater to and choose the targeting options concerning that.

To be honest, the whole display advertising targeting is a complex feature, hence here we have given some steps you might take to maximize the efficiency:

Show ads based on the internet

It is a great idea to run display ads that resonate with specific interest areas because Google collects on its users and you can base your ads depending on what the users search for. This step can greatly help to place your ad on all relevant web pages.

Define your demographic

Based on their basic demographic details such as gender, interests, age, the audience can be segmented.

Formulate ideal placement

You may try to run your display ads on the website you choose, for example, you can display the ads on articles related to a car model if you are targeting customers of a specific car variant.

Identify target keywords

If you can identify target keywords then it can allow you to reach the target demographic based on selected keywords concerning your service or product. After that, your ad would be displayed on the publisher’s site the display ad network would match your keywords with phrased or words present there.

Retarget based on the past behavior

This feature of display ad targeting is also known as retargeting and it lets you target the users who have already visited the website before, therefore reinforcing the brand’s recall and impact.

Zero-in on the topic

You can choose a group of websites that fit a specific category or topic within which your business operates with the help of this feature.

Importance of Display Advertising

Display Advertising might seem to be insignificant at a glance bit metrics are considered it is observed that it boosts the intent to purchase and the brand awareness. In case you are advertising online but if you are still not convinced to implement display advertising then we have listed all the importance of display advertising and how it can benefit you.

They are visually appealing as well as eye-catching

You can get the display-style ads created with graphic content and make it so that it is designed in the style of your brand or business. You can be as creative as you want with display with the display ads. And you can take the help of bright colors, large text, video, audio, or even rich media. The ads allow for catchy graphics, messaging, video, or your company or brand so that it can stand out and attract attention.

They allow for remarketing opportunities

The feature called remarketing allows your business to position targeted display ads in front of a defined audience that has visited your website previously as they browse somewhere else on the web. A well-placed display ad can remind them to purchase after a potential customer knows about your service or product. Remarketing is a very useful feature since it is a very smart way to connect with your potential customers who might not have made an initial inquiry or purchase.

The GDN allows you to filter your targeting in order to show only on specific sites or even exclude specific sites according to your wish. It even allows you to showcase display ads that include a specific product or a brand message that a potential customer of yours viewed while on the website

They familiarise your intended audience with your brand

An audience who has an intent to purchase is influenced by search advertising and display advertising help in just that, by creating the initial interest.  Recently, it is found that brand awareness has increased by 21% in the campaigns which utilized digital display ads. Usually, they have a very high reach and they are generally found on websites that the potential customers frequently visit.

They are a less expensive advertising option

It is not at all similar to other advertising channels such as radio and television which b requires a huge amount of investments in production and on the other hand, it is relatively quite easy and inexpensive to start running display ads. You can start creating display ad campaigns with only some text and an image and it can help you to drive traffic back to your website.

Display ad pricing is also quite cheap and affordable since it’s typically calculated according to its ‘number of impressions’ where one impression is equivalent to a single page view by an Internet User and the rates of it can decrease and go as low as 50 cents per one thousand impressions for the Campaigns which are highly targeted, which comes down to 50 cents and if you are here then.

They give you the ability to track and monitor your ad engagement

Facebook Advertising and Google Display  Network offer detailed reports which include display advertisements that have the most clicks and the value is hidden on those clicks only. In addition to that GDN has a feature called view-through window which can monitor any individual who has at least once seen your display ad in a specific time frame and reports whether or not they converted into a lead or a customer. Jaina or Chifu.

Display ads help to increase brand awareness

To get the ultimate benefits of business, display ads not only increase the engagement of the audience but also help to increase brand awareness.


We hope this article helps you to take key decisions about online display advertising and the benefits and costs related to it. We have explained what display advertising is and we have also listed the benefits which we get from choosing any display advertising. Display advertising has had a great impact on the company and understanding how to handle it can result in maximum efficiency and attract a lot of customers and use it.

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