Things to know more about Robotics Engineering

Robotics Engineering

Robotics Engineering is a branch of computer science and engineering. It deals with the design, construction, operation, and application of robots. Robots are machines that can perform tasks or actions that would normally be performed by humans; they may include an intelligent robot controller. It could include designing and building robots, programming them to perform specific actions, and controlling their operations through electronic means, such as a remote control device (teleoperation). Robotics engineers also work on computers and software for robots to enable them to accomplish intended tasks.

Robotics engineer designs robotic structures, mechanical systems, and control software used by unmanned vehicles for various applications like military operations or maintenance on external structures of spacecraft. Robotics engineers will also require some technical expertise in computer programming languages with knowledge in hardware engineering. Robotics Engineers are expected to have strong analytical skills as they must be able to perform complex robot motion analysis.

– Designing robotics technologies for future production markets

– Analyzing complicated robot motion through mathematical theories and principles

– Staying-to-date with new technology

Types of Robotics Engineer

Robotics engineer

Robotics Engineer is expected to have strong analytical skills showing the capability of solving complex problems.  Due to this reason, it may take up to eight years in order to become an efficient robotics engineer. This includes time spent in college or university acquiring a four-year bachelor’s degree in Robotics Engineering Technology or equivalent education and experience.  The minimum education required for becoming a robotics engineer is a high school diploma with courses in Physics, Calculus, Computer Programming, and Machine Shop Practice. There are no particular universities that offer.

Robotics developer

A robotics developer is a Robotics engineer who works with Robotics technology for mass production markets. As a Robotics developer, you will be responsible to test the robotics products and improve their quality by using Robotics engineering techniques. Robotics developer plays a major role in the new product development process. Robotics Developer is expected to have knowledge of Robotics design, integration, manufacturing technologies like Computer-Aided Design (CAD) and Computer-Aided Manufacturing (CAM), Robotics Component Modelling (RCM), or Virtual Prototyping (VP).  As Robotics Developer you would make use of CAD tools to visualize the 3D models of robots before starting prototype development.

Robotics inventor

A robotics inventor is a Robotics engineer who invent Robotics technology which is used by unmanned vehicles for various applications. Robotics Inventors might work as Robotics Engineer or Robotics Developer depending on their interests and skills.  Robotics inventor has to spend time with the latest Robotics technologies, robotics components, and robotic systems.  However, a Robotics inventor has the freedom to express his/her creativity through designing robotics prototypes and experiments using Robotics engineering techniques and tools like Computer-Aided Design (CAD) and Computer-Aided Manufacturing (CAM).


The field of robotics engineering has grown significantly over the years, and engineers are always looking for opportunities to work on new projects. Engineers can find jobs in many industries including healthcare, service robots, agriculture, military applications – the list goes on! If you’re interested in this exciting industry or want to know more about what it takes to become an engineer then come talk with us at our upcoming career fairs. You should also explore some of these great resources that we have found online if your interest is piqued by all things robot-related!

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