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Apps Categories on Apple iOS Store

Along with the technological development in modern times, iPhones’ features and functions are also encountered. Each improved and innovative version of iPhones is introduced to us within a few months, with the latest accessibility features. The current landmark in the field of iOS technology in iOS 14.7.1

The newest iPhone update; iOS 14.7.1, has been checked and reviewed with the following factors.

Key Features or Factors of iOS 14.7.1


  • Stable battery life is provided.
  • Wi-Fi connectivity for iOS 14.7.1 possesses faster speed and reliability.
  • Bluetooth functions are enhanced.
  • Both GPS and cellular data are stabilized.
  • Performances of third-party apps, which include Netflix, Slack, Gmail, Chrome, works fine.
  • Some of the first-party apps like Safari, calendar, podcasts are also performing well.


Speed of iOS 14.7.1. is currently as fast as 14.7. In case some performance issues are faced on 14.7, you can install 14.7.1 on your iPhone. The installation process will take 15 minutes to complete, even 7 minutes on iPhone 12 pro and iPhone X.

It is recommended to keep the device updated to the newest available version. Software up-gradation, not only updates the operating system but also add the latest features, improve functions of existing features, check for security vulnerabilities, and fix bugs in the built-in applications and system.

The latest iPhone update has made student life easier, safer, cheaper, and more fun. Apps for students are available in iPhones; whether they want to help themselves take notes, wake up, or keep revision material, all the features are available in updated iPhone apps for students, as below-

Best Apps Categories You Can Find in Apple Store for Students

Lecture Capturing Apps

About a few years ago, students used to capture the lectures while spending their entire time on notepads so that not a bit of vital information is missed. But now, when the technology has come, we have been introduced to a lecture capturing app. The recording of lectures is common practice in universities. However, the lecture capture apps allow you to listen back to live classes without spending extra money on recording devices or equipment. It gives access to record in both audio and visual mode. Students’ apps to record lectures allow them to convert the whiteboard into a PDF, Word, or PowerPoint file.

Apps for Revision

In the current century, revision app has come with a big business. It shows that technology has achieved what we have never imagined off. There are apps available where you can create a selection of card sets for related revision based on your course information and make your flashcards and test yourself. You can make charts and quizzes and thus keep track of improvement until each of your exams.

Exam Preparation Apps

Applications are available for exams such as GMAT, LSAT, MCAT, and GRE tests, being successfully by many Graduate schools for their admission process. In addition, iPhones provide apps for students, allowing social networking where you can come across other test-takers, pursue revision materials with quizzes, notes, keeping track of your learning progress.

Student Planner Apps

The organization is considered to be the key to one success and wellbeing at university. Student Planner Apps are gaining popularity as it saves one’s time on paper. Student planners app sends reminders and alerts to your mobile devices, which helps create your timetable other than the previous practice of creating a spreadsheet.

Bibliography Helper Apps

Suppose you are spending your time on a bibliography. In that case, you will know how sure you have to include all the information in the correct place. Application for students is available to make this works easier, providing easy technical access to create an academic reference from related books. All that needs to do is scan the book’s barcode or title of the text on your device.

Video Calling Apps

A large number of students popularly use video Calling software. This technology is even more accessible for the students, with the improved internet speed, connectivity, and camera quality. Video calling software helps you to do the classes from the comfort of your home.

Safety Apps

Efforts have been made to develop apps for ensuring students’ safety. It is highly effective for locating lost friends while on a night out or sending your location to the circle of six friends who can stand for help with the touch of a button. The availability of a GPS tracker assists you in marking your location, ensuring that people will be able to find you.

Waking-Up App

It can be referred to as a regular timetable app, essential for students to complete small tasks and maintain their routine. The app is not only an alert that asks you to wake up and get ready for the whole way of your day. But it captures the views and update of your surrounding, and accordingly advise you until it is turned off, e g., you can decide whether to carry an umbrella with you before you leave home. Hence, it works as your forecast and prepares you to step for the day.

Drinking Apps

Apps for Students are available to calculate the alcohol level in the body. It works as a virtual physician while keeping track of the safe level for alcohol consumption. It provides you an alert to call the cab and get boarded from your party, whereas mapping your location for transport services nearby. Although, the app is entirely dependent on user input and, therefore, can be used only as a guideline. It measures weight, height, gender, and blood alcohol content by calculating the type, amount, and timing of the user’s last meal and drink consumed.

 Healthy Living Apps

If students are keen on maintaining a balanced diet, apps are available in iOS that have a planner feature to plan your diet chart, groceries shop, and nutrition recipe based on what you have got on the fridge. This apps stands as a nutritionist consultant for you and take care of your healthy being

 Fun and Fitness Apps

Students who are fitness-centric can motivate themselves with the available app while jogging. The app plays music so that it can even excite you and don’t let you get tired. It collates the fitness data and stores it in one place, helping you get a structured report including nutrition, exercise, hydration, and sleep without checking the progress report from each app.

Technology in the land of iPhones is constantly striving to develop mobile apps future. Users are updated with the features of mobile phones in wearable technologies, i.e., smartwatches, virtual assistance like Siri, mobile pay options like Apple Pay. Improvement in AR ( Augmented Reality) and VR ( Virtual Reality) is in constant progress to provide a smooth interface. Internet Of Things ( LOT) and cloud infrastructure is catching steam.

Mobile apps future is on an increasing graph to cater to the rising demand from ends user in terms of new content with clean and user-friendly services. Numbers of apps are being tested, developed, and made available in the Apps Store for the users to choose from the options according to the requirement, leading life more smoothly. Lots of innovations are waiting for us in the future to help a user becoming tech-savvy.

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