Tips and Tricks of Tech and Electronic devices help to make you more Productive

Tips and Tricks to Help You Get More from Your Tech and Gadgets

We are lived in a world which is highly depending on technologies and electronic devices. Technology is essential for the growth and development of humans. Electronic devices help to reduce the effort of man for many works including personal, official and other things. All kinds of people use electronic devices for different purposes, that may be productive or not or useful or harmful. Electronic devices have an important role in academicals area it helps students to get information easily, make learning process is simple, helps in self-learning, help to learn more things other than a syllabus and reduce time-consuming, etc. teachers can convey their ideas to students very easily by using electronic devices.

Technology continuously changing according to time, it becomes more refined and updated which creates more effects in society, which may be good or bad, we select good things and avoid bad things. When we use electronic devices we must ensure that it will be productive and useful things to us or for others. Excess use of electronic devices may be caused to some health and mental issues, so we only use these gadgets for purposive things; addiction to this is not good. All fields are required electronic devices for fulfilling their works, usage of device helps in reducing manpower, time-consuming, energy, space, and investment, etc. before using electronic device we must learn about it, about working of it, uses, purpose, advantages, disadvantages, safety and security etc. effective use of electronic devices make man wise. May be all people can afford electronic devices, but only a few of them can efficiently use it. There are many tips and tricks there for the effective use of electronic devices and gadgets.

Tips and tricks to help you get more from your tech and gadgets

We use technologies for many purposes in our daily life. We can use technology in a productive way by using some tips and tricks. By using these tips and tricks we can make our gadget very flexible to do our work faster. Some of the tricks and tips among these are:

  • we can use our iPod as the second screen of our personal computer, which helps us to get enough screen space for working among the crowded screen space of our personal computer, this makes us more efficient workers.
  •  Many things are there to distracting us while we working like online videos, chatting apps, online games, and other social Medias, etc. these are good for a healthy break for your mind and body while stressful working days but spending too much time in this way, is not related to your work is unnecessary to you. It is a time-wasting process so we can set a time limit for these websites by using ‘stay focused extension’. It set the time limit as 10 minutes for these type of websites, when you cross the time limit then that website will become inaccessible temporarily. Which help you save your precious time from unwanted things and it makes you stay focused on your work.
  •  We got too many messages and emails in our lap or phone, messages or emails may be official or personal. Some time we busy while that time, we think to post pond responding later to that message or mail. Like these situations in apple phones there is available a voice assistant ‘Siri’, it reminds you everything in your phone, act as a personal assistant, it will help you to reduce your workload and mental pressure.  
  • We can write our email and scheduled it to send it later to the receiver by using ‘boomerang add on for Gmail’. Install ‘plugin’ and write mail then click ‘send later’ option button in below the ‘send’ option. We can choose a specific date and time for sending mail. This can help you reduce our workload through advanced preparation.
  • There are so many occasions for sharing hard copies of some documents for official purposes, we can scan these documents by using our smart phone’s camera. Apps like ‘Evernote scannable’ and ‘adobe scan’ are can use for scanning documents, receipts, business cards, forms, and photos, etc.

By using these types of tips and tricks we can make our phones, computer and other electronic gadgets more purposive and more useful to us. Using these kinds of tips and tricks make us independent. Which help you time save and can do work with fewer efforts. We can consume technologies in a purposive way to achieve our goal easily. We live in the fastest world of technology; we must able to handle it.  The potential use of electronic gadgets makes productive works. Technology has the ability to make improvement in our life. We can make life simple by using technologies.

Tips and tricks to save your electronic gadgets

Electronic devices are very essential in our day to day life for home needs, personal needs and official purposes, etc. without these things we can’t make our day, so protection of our gadgets is also important to us. These are some tips and tricks for it:

  • For iPhone users, if put your device in dark mode then it will help to extend your phone battery for a long time.
  • While we are charging our smartphone, we must care about something. You charge your device up to 80% and discharge about to 20%, mid-range use is better to your device compared to full charge. Do not use electronic devices while charging? If you feel hotness in the device while charging, then unplug the device from the charger. 
  • If our television does not give a clear picture then place a sheet of aluminum foil between electronic gadgets that are stacked on top of each other. It helps you get clear views on your television.
  • If the ink in the printer finished and you want to finish some more copies too then there is a tip to finish your work, which is getting a hair drier and blow hot air in the back of the printer, it will help you to finish your work.
  • Don’t leave your electronic devices at high temperature and at low temperature, it is harm to electronic devices.

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