Amazing Facts About Google You Need to Know

Interesting Facts about Google

As we all know that today Google is the most visited website on the earth. It is an amazing fact about Google that Google has almost 65+K searches within one second. Google has a lot of facts by which many people are unknown. It is a surprising thing that Daily we collect A ton of information. It provides us information about all over the World. Now you need not worry about any information because you just type your question on Google and Google will provide you an accurate answer.  You have no need for books or any other library because you can get your information within seconds with the help of the Google search engine. You just open the and find the desired answer.

History About Google:

There are a lot of facts about the history of Google-like as!

“Backrub” was the initial name of Google. Its co-founder started working in 1995 on its search engine. “Backrub” refers to its underlined algorithms for checking “backlinks”. Then in 1997, the team changed the name of the company.  This is a great interesting fact about Google from which most of the people are unknown.

It derived the name Google from a unique word known as “googol”.  It is a mathematical terminology that shows it follows 100 zeros. This shows a bunch of information that is provided via the internet. It is an excellent and interesting fact about Google.

The first link index of Google was Larry pages web page at the University of Stanford.

Stanford is a university that has exclusive rights to “rank the pages”. Page rank is a method that is used to measure the importance of different sites. 1.8 Billion shares of Google are hand over Stanford university so it can rank the Google pages.

The first investor of Google was “Andy Bechtolsheim”. He invested 100K dollars on Google sites.

The first storage of Google was almost up to40 GB. In Initial days it was used to store the data.

In the year of 1998, Google launched its first homepage. It also launched the page of “yahoo”. Then after one year of a struggle, it names the page “”.

The first picture or tattoo of Google was a stick picture behind the second “O” of Google. It shows the out of office message on the day of the blazing man festival. It published the log on 30 August 1998.

NPD is an independent search company, It declared Google as the best search engine in June 2000.

Google provides an offer for an infusion of cash to yahoo. But yahoo rejects this offer of Google. 2 years later, in 2002 yahoo wants to buy this offer in 3 billion dollars. But this time Google rejected the offer of Yahoo.

The first Twit of Google was in binary codes. It consists of two digits like 0-1. The first twist of Google was “I Am Feeling Lucky”. The typing method was in binary codes on computers. It was a great interesting fact about Google that you did’ t about it.

May 2010 was the year in which PAC-MAN became the Google first playable doodle. It was also an interesting fact about Google.

The designers of the Google team produce more than  2000 Doodles for the Google homepages.

Parent Of  Google:

The parent company of Google is Alphabet Inc. It was designed in 2015. Mostly it is called “alpha” which means the investment returns above the benchmark. This is also an amazing and interesting fact about Google.

Alphabet Inc. has a website known as a b c. x y z. It is a public Holding company. Its co-founder has limited choice to give the name to this company as alphabet Inc. because it starts from a, b, c and ends at x, y, z.

” Don’t be evil” was the company unofficial logo. This code remains until 2015. ” Don’t be evil” was replaced by “Do The Right Things”. It was changed by its parent company Alphabet. This is also an interesting fact about Google by which most of the people are unknown.

Various subsidiary companies like Double Click, Drop Cam, AdMob, Nest Labs, Kaggle and Xively are taken by Alphabet.

Amazon is the World’s Largest company of the Internet. Amazon is also leaded by Alphabet company.

Market value of Alphabet company is increasing day by day. It rises from 50 dollars to 1000 dollars.

Empire of Google:

Today Google is ranked as “Top Site” among all other sites. Different Investigations show that Google is ranked as first, YouTube is ranked as the second most used website and  Google Indian version is ranked as the ninth most visited site.

It is an amazing and interesting fact about Google that there are almost 3.5 billion searches are noticed per day. It is a huge amount that is equal to almost 1.2 Trillion per year of search requests.

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