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Release Your Inner Child on the NAVEE S65 Electric Scooter

NAVEE S65 Electric Scooter

Did you have a Razor kick scooter growing up? I fondly remember racing with the cool kids down streets and around corners. It was a great way to travel between city neighborhoods and tons of fun. Since the late 90’s when I owned my Razor, scooters have journeyed from foot-propelled childhood toys to high-tech electric vehicles. Today’s scooters are eco-friendly, comfortable, safe, easy to ride, and won’t break the bank.

Electric scooter manufacturers have created models with a wide range of features, each offering unique benefits to its rider. After test driving a quiver full of e-scooters, I finally met my ideal match: the NAVEE S65. Foldable and portable, it accompanies me to work, the gym, evening classes, and even restaurants. I pack it away in the back of a car for weekend getaways and drive it on everything from congested city lanes to rural rail trails.

Optimum safety and comfort are a high priority. Self-sealing puncture-resistant tires and a dual suspension system keep me riding over cracks and bumps with ease. The rear disc braking system delivers responsive stopping power and total control. The large build-in LED dashboard is bright and easy to read, and the NAVEE S65 smart Mi Home app pairs with my phone for cruise control and real-time riding data.

The NAVEE S65’s 1000W peak power geared motor allows for speed up to 20mph, accelerates smoothly, and tackles incline with ease. Massive battery capacity coupled with a high-efficiency power management system enables a longer ride – up to 40.4 miles on a single charge. I never worry about having enough juice to get me back from adventures. This scooter is everything I hoped it would be: durable, safe, fun, and easy to ride. It generates all the positive emotions I had as a kid, flying on the Razor with the wind at my back.

If, like me, you’re an adult ready to release your inner child, head on over to NAVEE S65 during its Spring 2022 Indiegogo launch. See you on the road!

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