The Machine Learning – Overview, Importance, Pros, and Cons

Machinery Learning Pros and Cons

What is Machinery Learning

The concept of Machine learning actually refers to an analysis of algorithms and other procedures being used in computers in a unique style and form. Nowadays, it is associated with the next big thing i.e. artificial intelligence”. It works on storing huge amounts of data for later use. So, the concept of big data has gained prominence lately.  For this to happen, there are a number of models based on statistics and applying them to necessary areas.

Machine learning as a term was first coined in the year 1959 by a person called Arthur Tom Mitchell. Machine learning language is further associated with supervised learning, Semi-supervised learning unsupervised learning, Active learning and a number of other forms. Earlier it used to be extremely difficult for manufacturing companies, health, and social care centers, etc, to store data on a manual basis and keep a track of them, for future. However, with the advent of artificial intelligence, the concept of machine learning language has become quite useful for people. So the machine learning language is extremely important.

The concept of machine learning is built on an analytical model. For the first time, a technology like this has been able to show that there can be fully automated processes that do not need to be dependant upon the support or helping hand of humans. This is one of the biggest success areas of this form of technology. By gradually getting exposure to the new terms at an extremely large quantity, the computer systems, as well as the logarithms, start to function and interpret them well which could not have been possible by any other means. So all this is one of the biggest advancements made in the field of science and technology and researchers are further under the move to improve these systems further. It works like a teacher by guiding the computer system to work in a specific manner.

However, it is not so easy to build or functioning of a machine learning language. There are certain important criteria like that of the presence of algorithms, good presence of scalability, popular means to prepare and assemble data, and helping in automatic automation to that place. Hence use of machine learning language can benefit all business sectors and officials at a professional level. The basic concept adopted in the case of machine learning language is that they work by “observing” and “adjusting” to the new data sets and observations being fed.

Some of the area in which machine learning language is used:

  • Banking institutions
  • Health and social care centers
  • Oil and natural gas-based refineries.
  • Local government, state government and other forms of government in every country
  • Retail store and outlets that serve customers on a regular basis
  • Transportation and logistics based companies and services.

Pros of machine learning language:

  1. Machine learning language is capable of identifying the regular needs of customers and thus helping them. This can be done in varied forms and hence machine learning language keeps concern over the variety of data being fed regularly.
  2. The best thing for machine learning language is that, it is an automated form of interpreting and storing data and hence, manual efforts are not required. Such human resource can easily be utilized for other important works of decision making, or of actions, instead of within the workplace.
  3. Machine learning language works on several algorithms and hence they work quite fast and interpret things at different times.
  4. The chief component of machine learning language is that they help to store millions and billions of data in a systematic manner, which is not at all possible by any manual means. Hence machine learning language is known for its wide number of applications.
  5. As data can be organized quite systematically, so machine learning language is extremely structured, efficient and useful to keep an overall track over the total data and use it when required. This saves time and energy. There is certain software like ML algorithms that are extremely useful to users.

Cons of machine learning language:

  1. Machine learning language has many problems associated with data acquisition. This is because machine learning language stores a huge amount of data as already mentioned, and it is very difficult to ensure that all of these data are up to the right standard and inclusive in its form.
  2. Further to the previous point, machine learning language also requires fully utilizing the algorithms which take some time. All the works are based on the functioning of certain algorithms and statistical-based tools, i.e. mathematically based tools and they are not always appropriate to be functioned well.  
  3. The third cons (negative side) involved in machine learning language is that it takes a bit of time in integrating the final outcomes and each time this is to be done; the algorithms take a lot of time to do so. This hampers in its efficiency and is nothing but again a negative side that needs to be curbed by some other way soon.
  4. Machine learning language works in an automated firm. However, it is most prone to find errors as they are not supervised or handled manually at any point in time. There are many situations when there inflow many irrelevant things that are not required, but that which takes a very long time to get solved.

So, just like everything else, the concept of machine learning or that of machine learning language is quite new still in many developing countries. However many big companies over the nation have started to develop it, and use to keep a track of the records or contact records of their customers, or in health care settings that require data for the long term as a means of the case study for future analysis. So machine learning is the next generation thing and it is going to stay for a long time. In this regard, there are many analogous findings relating to big data, artificial intelligence as well as the internet of things.

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