The best Free iPhone and iPad games are trending in 2021

Ten Best free iOS games in 2019

Nowadays almost each one of us has an i-phone, whoever can afford a little over modern IOS phones. So, as i-phones have become so popular, i-phone games need to be equipped with free applications so as to train people in using this kind of phone-based on IOS software. So, there are the number of free games that have come up in the market, exclusively for IOS based applications on IOS based phones, i-pads, i-tabs, and other devices that run on IOS-based software. So nothing can be more exciting than availing free games on IOS.

Best 10 Games that are played for free on the iPhone and iPad :

The battle of Polytopia

This is a very interesting game and it can be availed for free. The free game starts with just one warrior taking over the lead. It has extremely nice graphics and one and enjoys the sight of wildlife, nature, hunting experiences and many things else without having to pay anything to download it or play it. One can enjoy a perfectly fine experience of a free game on iOS by using the “domination mode” for play.

Pigeon wings strike

The pigeon wings strike starts by hitting the wings area. This is the second popular free game used for iOS. It is even very interesting as one can easily swipe across the i-phone screen and play the game for convenience and ease.  The overall game is also set around pigeons and rabbits that play and it is very interesting to play this “free game” non-iOS apps.

Disc Drivin 2

Users can play this game by using the “speedrun” option. One can go fire a number of game twists in this free game for iPhone and iPad, traps in just anything, without having to worry about reaching to the next level and give some cost against it. So, DiscDrivin2 is even an extremely popular free game that many of the leading companies are using.

Data Wing

This game is entirely based on racing and youngsters would love to enjoy games for free games like this on iOS. Throughout the journey of the so used in the game, the ship moves about and moves at a very high speed. This is a bit thrilling for the users who can avail it for free in all iOS apps store.

Knight brawl

In the game of “knight brawl” the one can avail all facilities without having to pay anything for accessing the game or playing the game. Hence it is a wonderful free game for iOS apps. This is a war game where there are usages of graphics that show the warrior fighting and using a shield as well as armor.

Shadow gun legends

This game is a bit unique in its style and apart from being a “free game for iOS ” that can be played on the iOS apps store, It is even preferred by people because of the usage of “sentry guns”.


Pinout is a free game played in iOS apps. The most striking feature of this game is that there are wonderful graphics and the user feels as if neon lights are really glowing live at the spot while the game is played. Most of the reviews say that this is one of the best-preferred ones for i-phone users and they can enjoy “free game” quite well.

Asphalt 9: legends

If you are really fond of reaching at a great speed in a game, then Asphalt 9 is the game that you should choose aiming all the free games to be played on iPhones and iPad. Asphalt 9 is unique in its own lines because of the unique features like that of the “touch drive” that it offers.

Super cat tales 2

The super cat tales 2 is a very good free game placed in IOS because it considers the journey followed by an invasion of soldiers (who are made up of tin). So most of the people love to play this free game and it is quite interesting for them in iOS.

Beach buggy racing 2

Beach buggy racing 2 has even gained popularity among all the free games to be played for iOS as it uses visual styles, good balanced controls and a lot more than every gamer would love to play. This even gets more interesting for people as they can play it for free and one can at least get a number of goodies if they play this free game on iOS on a regular level. Natural, or virtual, this game offers gifts and surprises that everybody loves.

So the given list above shows the Best ten games played by youngsters for free. These free games come up with added fun on iOS and one does not have to pay any charge to join in. This is the best of these free games. So Apple INC and many other apps come up with these games.

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