Best Sites to Download Cracked APKs Apps for Android

Best Sites to Download Cracked APKs Apps for Android

A ton of websites on the internet claim a lot about providing cracked versions of android apps by using the terms Hack and Mod on their title. After doing a lot of research we have come up with several genuine solutions using which you will be able to find paid or modded apps and games for free without any hassle. All these sites are highly active and very genuine, so you can expect a lot of updates in real-time.

Top Rated Sites to Downloads Cracked APK Apps for Android


RevDL is one of the highest-rated sites used to download premium cracked apps for the Android operating system. They are currently hosting the site with Blogspot along with a complete data server over a cloud hosting server. Here you can easily download any cracked apps from the wide variety of apps available on their website without facing any issues directly from this site. If at any instance you are not able to access the website, you can use any VPN of your choice to access it.


There are a lot of sites to download the cracked apps from but RexDl is deemed to be one of the best by the users. It came in first with most of the updated versions of the apps. This can just be the perfect site for most people to download cracked apps and games. RexDL is also regarded as one of the best when it comes to the cracked and modded android games. Here you will be able to find the best free android pro apps for download.

Blackmart Alpha

Blackmart Alpha acts as one of the store alternatives for the Google play store and other different stores for the mobile devices which work on the Android operating system. Here, you can easily download many applications without the need for any kind of registration and the presence of any account on Google. You will be able to download the pro versions of many apps on the play store. All the applications from here can be downloaded much quicker than the Google Play Store. The Blackmart Alpha is always on the lookout for updates so you will be able to use the most recent versions of every application.

APK Pure

You can get a huge variety of cracked apps on the APK pure website which will help you in a lot of ways. The best things about this website are that it has a very simple and catchy design. There is a QR code service available for every application available to download. There is a fast file release for updates and all of them have a secure line for download. There is a minimalistic amount of spam. The older versions of applications can also be easily found on this website. Each app has a simply worded and perfect application description. Additionally, it also has a responding comments section.


iHackedit is one of the best sources to download Android Games, Apps, Hacks, and mods for absolutely no charge. Besides this, they have also expanded to the iOS section and are maintaining both the markets very successfully, and have provided great free apps on both platforms. If you want to get free apps for Android, this is a must-visit website. This is one of the easiest websites to use on the market, presenting you with the most trending and simply downloadable APK files free of any charges. So, you can easily stop wasting your money on the purchase of any application from the Google Play Store.

AC Market

This website provides the best collection of various cracked apps and games for the Android operating system and they are very easily downloadable both from their website or their application which is also available to download easily from their website. IT has got one of the most simplistic user interfaces and the users will be able to download the apps really easily from their website or the application. There are also several different versions of each app available so you can choose the best version for your mobile device.


APKMB is one of those websites which was built solely to share free applications and games for the Android operating system. Most of the pro and the paid versions of the applications for Android are available on this website. Here, you will be able to find direct downloads to different types of Android mobile apps, game launchers and a major advantage point for this app are that it is available purely with the absence of any kind of advertisements on this website.


This website is really helpful for the people who are trying to find out the cracked versions of any pro or paid Android applications which are really expensive on the Google Play Store. This can really help students who are trying to save some money and they will be able to when using this website to download premium android applications for absolutely no cost. Apk4Free has been supporting the community for a long time and they continue to serve the best apps frequently along with updating the older apps in regular intervals of time. So, you will not be facing any issues while searching for any latest apps.


This website has a huge library of premium and pro applications which while downloading from the Google Play Store will cost a fortune but here will not be costing you a single penny. This website is very simple to use and you will not be facing any complications while using this website. You will be able to directly download the apps and use them freely without the fear of getting cut off in between because none of the versions are trials. There are a variety of categories available and you will be able to sort out the apps according to the needs.


This is a file hosting service available for Android APK files. There are thousands and thousands of latest apps and games which are regularly featured on the more established markets. You will be able to simply download the APK files without any cost and use them without any hassle. You will be able to download and install these files on your phone without the fear of any kind of spyware threats or malware. There is a separate section for the featured apps and games. All of the links available on the website are high-speed download links, so you will be able to use them easily without wasting much time. There is a huge collection from where to choose the freeware and the cracked apps.

Aptoide App Store

The collections of apps and games available in this store is huge. This is a great alternative store platform for the Google Play Store. The users can download apps directly from this platform and very uniquely, they can also distribute their apps on this platform very easily and this leads to this platform becoming a really big community. You will be able to find out the best apps and games on Aptoide free of any charge. You will easily be able to download any geo-restricted apps. There are apps available for Android smartphones, tablets, and also Android TV. The interface is very smooth to use and there is also a presence of an in-built APK scanner.


This platform provides a lot of great apps and games which are usually premium, but they are available to download for free on this website. It provides a lot of amazing features and tweaks, which will only make life easier for the user. It has a very polished layout which makes it very easy to use for the users. There are direct download links to premium apps available on this website. The available apps are very properly categorized. There is also a feature to submit a request for a particular app.


APKBuilds is a great option for downloading the cracked and free versions of various premium and pro apps available in the market. The users will be able to easily sideload various APK files. It has got selective applications for both the apps and games and also offers various modified apps and games. The best feature of this service is that it provides installation guides with screenshots for various devices like mobiles, tablets, computers, and firesticks.


These are the best available sites and platforms for downloading cracked apps and games for free. You will be easily able to download the apps from these websites and also save a fortune in doing so.

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