Top Android SNES Emulator 2020

Best Android SNES Emulator 2020

Playing games is an activity or a part of life that has nothing to do with age. It is researched that people of all ages love to play games. Whereas, everyone’s childhood has the same memories when it comes to gaming. Everyone use to play those popular games on different consoles. The most common consoles that people were using at that time were PC and play stations.

The most famous game of the time that everyone uses to play is on Super Nintendo Entertainment System. Reading this may bring some joyful memories to your mind. You must be missing playing your favorite retro games right? But you can’t play because your modern device does not support those old games you love. Isn’t it sad?

No more sadness as in this blog we will tell you about top android SNES emulators that will help you live your childhood again. These SNES emulators work perfectly with Android phones. Below emulators are different from each other based on there features, you can choose one that suits you best.

Emulator for SNES

The best part about this emulator is that it is available on Google play store for free. Its purpose is quite evident from its name. Among all other SNES emulator for android, this one is the easiest and user friendly. You are not ready to play after downloading the game. To get going you have to download SNES ROM as well and then you can play any retro game you want. The app does not consist of any features that are available on payment. The app is a complete package as it consists of all the required features that a gamer can ask for. Following are the features of Emulator for SNES:

  • The app is totally free.
  • It enables you to use cheats in the games.
  • You can change the speed using the fast and slow mode.
  • The emulator is very user friendly.
  • The emulator also provides the user with support for Bluetooth.
  • The annoying part is the ads it will show you, as it’s free you have to tolerate it.

John Ness

Many of us are a true lover of retro games and we can’t comprise on emulators that do not provide a realistic experience. If you are a true retro game fan and want to have the closest SNES experience, then you must choose John Ness. It is very close to the real SNES as it uses the same engine that many original consoles use. John Ness is available in both free and paid versions. But the paid version is preferred for a better experience. Following are the features of John Ness:

  • The John Ness offers some basic features in the free version whereas more and better features in the paid version.
  • It provides the user with support to different controllers that include Bluetooth, on-screen, and wire units.
  • It provides you with all the old retro games.
  • You can change the mode from slow to fast, fast to the turbo, and much more as per your needs.
  • It enables you to use cheats of the game as well.
  • Provide the user with the closet and realistic experience.
  • It does not annoy the gamer with free ads.
  • Provide the user with the best retro experience.


Like the name, it’s working is also different and difficult. But the best part is its amazing features that are not available in other emulators. It is not just for SNES, it can run all the games designed to run on different platforms. It is for true gamers and is very popular among them who love to try every game with the best user experience. Following are the features of RetroArch emulator:

  • RetroArch is an open-source emulator and easily available for all.
  • It has the highest compatibility rate with the supported system.
  • The emulator is very stable and provides the user with on-screen control.
  • The best feature is the regular updating that keeps it free from errors and bugs.
  • It is the perfect emulator for various smartphones and tablets.

Snes9x EX+

If you have past experience with the emulator, then you must have gone through this one. It is one of the oldest emulators that are still available for the users. It is a complete package. It is very simple to use this emulator and it consists of all the features a user can ask for. The user interface of the emulator may seem old to you but it still provides the best user experience. Following are the features of Snes9x EX+:

  • The emulator is available for the user for free.
  • It enables the user to load and play games at any time.
  • You can use the on-screen control in this emulator.
  • It enables you to load various types of files that include ZIP, SMS, and, SFC.
  • The emulator is one of the most useful and effective.
  • The emulator is very user friendly.


If you are looking for some unique features in an Android SNES emulator and ready to pay for it, then SuperRetro16 is the best one to go with. It does not have any free version, but it’s unique features are worth paying for. It consists of many advanced features that are not present in other emulators It is an emulator that is not reasonable for beginners as it is a little difficult use. It is highly recommended to use by gamers that adjusting it according to themselves and is looking for the best user experience. Following are the features of SuperRetro16:

  • The emulator allows you to adjust the screen quality as per your need.
  • It is one of the most stable and effective emulators available for users.
  • The user interface of the emulator is a little difficult to use.
  • You can use the multiplayer option if playing with friends.
  • You can use the fast forward mode as per your requirement.
  • The emulator provides you with on-screen controls as well.

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