IP Transit: How to Find the Perfect Provider

IP Transit

IP transit: what is it? And why should you care? Sure, for most the term may be meaningless, but for companies looking to optimise their online presence, it is essential. This service can provide your business greater access to the global Internet. In doing so, it will help you attract customers, grow your product portfolio and drive conversions.

But attempting to develop your own IP transit is a futile endeavour. Why? Because you need a trusted provider with 5GN PoPs across the globe. This way you can ensure that you experience low-latency, secure internet access both locally and internationally.

What are IP Transit’s Awesome Benefits?

1. Global Reachability

The most advanced wholesale IP transit will provide global reachability for your business. This, after all, is its ultimate goal: to provide access to the international Internet. Therefore, you need Tier-1 connectivity to ensure you can connect with anyone in any location across the globe. This is especially critical for businesses looking to create a strong local and international presence.  

Your provider can offer you unbridled reachability whilst providing quickfire access to the international Internet. They will enlist major backbone and content providers across international data providers. All this combines to ensure you receive fast, secure global access across international data centres.   

2. Massive Backbone Capacity

The most advanced wholesale IP transit Sydney has will provide extensive PoPs across the globe. This means having strategically located PoPs in Australian major cities, but also in global locations like Japan, Singapore and the United States. What’s more, those backbone facilities will be highly reputable and renowned for amplifying global network connectivity.

3. DDoS protection

Distributed denial of service (DDoS) mitigation is essential to this service. DDoS is a cyberattack in which the cybercriminal attempts to make a network resource unavailable, thus holding the network to ransom. Therefore, it is absolutely vital that your provider has a mitigation service. Mitigation is a series of techniques and tools utilised to inhibit these attacks. If your prospective provider doesn’t have DDoS mitigation as part of its service then you should consider looking elsewhere.

4. Flexible service options

Flexibility is essential for businesses looking to scale operations. Your provider should offer flexible service options to increase your global business potential. You should be able to bundle this service with other products to truly optimise your global potential. They should provide options for bundling with colocation services, security measures, 5GN access and more.    

5. Continuous network monitoring & support

You need a provider that is going to provide ongoing monitoring and support. Global network efficiency is essential to your business’s online success. Therefore, this level of network optimisation combined with continuous monitoring and support is something your provider must offer.

Your provider knows that this is on their end of the bargain and they should be willing to take it on at every step of the way. This includes providing 24/7 support from an Australian-based 5GN Network Support Centre to ensure advanced technical efficiency.

This service is critical to providing you with advanced global Internet access. But you must choose a trusted provider using state-of-the-art technology to ensure its efficiency. Furthermore, they must have security at the forefront of the service. This means using advanced methodology to avoid DDoS attacks and more.

If your prospective provider can assure you of these features then you have likely found the team to IP transit your business on the global stage!

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