Top Ten Gadgets for Youtubers

Gadgets for Youtubers

It’s just the second month of the year, but we are in constant search for new technology. Do you love to upload videos throughout the day? Every day we have so many important moments that we want to create videos and share them with people.

YouTube is such an important thing for your life, why keep it ordinary? This article seems a bit amusing. However, we have practical grounds outlining gadgets that you need as a YouTuber. If you have already made a list of the gadgets, just review it after reading this article. Further, if you have already bought them all, suggest it to your friends. Alternatively, if you still haven’t bought it, buy them today. Here we have the Top Ten Handpicked Gadgets for every Youtuber.

Best Gadgets for Youtubers

If you have just developed an idea of starting to earn a handsome amount as a You Tuber, there are certain things you need. You need to understand that people will love to view the videos only when they are “the best” in terms of their professional quality”. Therefore, it results in you selecting the right gadgets and shoot and explore the world and present it to the world. Now, that’s easy and interesting as well. what can be better than creating superb videos and uploading them on YouTube? is one of the Best tools for Youtubers.

Camera or Olloclip lenses

Before you can upload any video, you need a good camera backup to capture images. Therefore, you need to have a good camera so that you can capture high definition videos with it, and then upload it. If you are using your smartphone to shoot, use Olloclip lenses called lens set placed on your front camera or back camera. They have a fisheye, a super-wide and a macro type view. There is an articulating hub of 225-degree rotation. Go and get one!


In case you have decided to buy a good camera for taking videos, you need to fix it to something. Have you thought of it how? If you take our advice, we suggest you need a tripod stand. You don’t have to hold the camera for long, and it will do all the job. Once you have assured this, the rest will automatically assured. Your videos can be taken from a well angular position, without any deflection or shake.

The erect tripod well placed will do the work. That way, you do not have to worry that the fixture is standing unstable. The Osmo mobile tripod works best as it will continue to face you and move about as you move. You can shoot live streams and time-lapses now. It is all because of the active track technology.  You can even use a Joby tripod. It works across grids, rails, and other surfaces.


If you are you tuber, you probably know better what it takes to you tubing or being a vlogger. Gimble is an accessory that we know you know any vlogger cannot do without. You cannot predict where you have to shoot. In case you have to take any video that requires any rotating angle, how can you shoot it? For this, we have to suggest to you about gimble.

It will help you to take videos for whatever angle you need. Then the camera will rotate and adjust itself according to your needs. Now making videos is fun. DJI MAVIC PRO has 24 computing cores. It can move up to seven kilometers, five vision sensors and a 4k camera.

Microphone (Rode Microphone Pro)

So far we have talked about things where you can place your camera, or things to shoot the video, i.e. the camera itself, or gimble. However, remember one thing. Your video will stand out as incomplete and unwanted if you do not introduce some voice into it.

The best way you can do it by using a good microphone that offers excellent audio quality. With this, you can speak about the place you have visited (for example) and captured video about. People will hear and focus more on what they see. In this way, the overall video will look interesting to them and they will even have it to others once they have seen and heard it themselves.

What better can we want, right? Rode microphone pro is a good microphone best suited for DSLR, video cameras, portable audio recording systems. There is a ½ inch condenser, that will create a noise-free experience. The battery life of 70 hours is just superb.


Once you are done with all the preceding processes, you need to upload your video into some online platforms like YouTube. That is possible only if you have a personal computer or a laptop with you. There, we give the choice to choose one good laptop that you like to use as your favorite gadget.

Alternatively, you can also choose a personal computer depending upon your budget, preferences, and host of other things. Just ensure that it is a good device that offers excellent color capacity. Then your job can be done very easily. However be sure that the software, as well as the hardware of this gadget, is running well. It should not show any interruption while you randomly upload videos to YouTube.


There are light arrangements equipped with stands, which make it work as a gadget. It is important if you are capturing videos at some outdoor places. This gadget will look ordinary for you, but it is important. Unless you have this gadget, your surrounding light will not be used properly. In case your video does not have sufficient surrounding light, it might be degraded in quality.

Back up Plus-sea Gate Gadget

We decided to name it as “accessories” as there is a host of them that you need. For example, you will need camera accessories light external flashlight, memory card. Laptop accessories are external hard disk drive, USB data cables. You may need microphone accessories as well to support the video with wide audio. Using back up plus can help you store your videos safely as an external hard disk drive. There are four versions with adequate capacities from 500 GB to 4 TB.

iPhone7 Plus

Another reason to select this phone is its 12 MP wide lens, telephoto lens, and 2x optical zoom. Your phone can fulfill your desire to capture videos just anytime, anywhere. Do not worry about the quality- Apple makers are taking care of it.

CANON power shot GIX mark ii +32 GB memory card

Again, we come back to a good camera. It’s compact, it has a sensor called CMOS, it has a 20.1-megapixel camera resolution. These features will make your video interesting as ever.

Samsung Galaxy S7 edge

Samsung has many Latest Series but If your budget is too small than you need this one smartphone to help you to create awesome videos. If you have this short gadget with you, you can boast of an F 1.7 lens, for clear videos. There are two focuses and a lens. What more can you ask for guys?


There are so many YouTubers gadgets that we have covered in this article. If we were you, we would rush to the market and buy some of them and start you-tubing today. Hurry. What are you waiting for?

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