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Collection of Best Free Soundboard Software For Windows

Free Soundboard Software For Windows

When was the last time you considered making a phone call without using your voice? And what about recording a movie or person’s speech and then playing it again with only one button press? That, and much more, would be possible with soundboard technology. For a variety of situations, it is substantially different from other musical software. Use it to make prank calls, make disgusting yet funny bodily noises, and so on. This computer soundboard program deserves a closer look.

Soundboard is a real and virtual instrument that allows you to store and play custom sounds and beats at any time. These devices are extremely useful for streamers, who use them to respond to content by making unique sounds. Costly and with limited storage, a physical soundboard device is likewise an impractical alternative to a virtual soundboard. Using virtual soundboard software allows you to save and play various personalised sounds.

Certain free soundboard software allows you to bind hotkeys to different sounds so that you can play the desired sound without having to launch their interfaces. A customizable soundboard could be any of the above as a website, device or computer program that plays audio snippets and brief soundbites. Since they are self-contained, they do not require an external audio player to play audio files.

In addition to the music industry, Soundboard computer programs can also be used in the gaming industry. This PC soundboard software can be used for any live show, TV show, video call such as Skype, IMO, etc. This software can be downloaded for free and is easy to use. PUBG, DOTA, and other online games are recorded using this software. Pre-recorded audio, as well as the soundboard’s music, can be used.

Benefits of using a Soundboard Software

● Call centres use this software to their benefit. Their agents would press specific keys on a keyboard instead of talking to the customer. The customer would then hear a phrase, question, or sentence that was recorded.

● A sound clip can be played by simply pressing the play button, which makes it much easier to play a large number of them. With them at your fingertips, you’d press the button designated for clipping. 

● Alternatively, the soundboard could be used as a piece of music-making software. It’s not just for recording voices; it can also play and record different types of audio files. They use it to play commercials, music, and sound effects on the radio.

● Sadly, some are unable to communicate clearly. It’s normal for them to communicate clearly, whether they were born that way or suffered an injury. To communicate with other people, they can take advantage of this software to their advantage.

● Because it automates talking to a client, or customer, a soundboard (computer program) could improve productivity for most companies. If the company had recorded responses for questions that could be answered quickly, it would save a lot of time.

10 best free Soundboard Software for Windows

It is necessary to use these soundboard programmes by selecting and attaching an audio file. Software-dependent, some programmes don’t even require you to configure sounds. There are only a few audio formats supported by most of the free soundboard software listed below. As a result, users must ensure that the audio file they want to add is compatible with the soundboard software before adding it to the board. They all offer the essential features you’d expect from a soundboard programme.

EXP Soundboard

You can create a soundboard out of multiple audio files with EXP Soundboard, a free soundboard software that allows you to do so easily. A freeware program allows you to mash up the audio clips you have added or loaded. JRE Runtime Environment (version 7 or later) is required to run this free soundboard for windows. It’s possible to add multiple audio files to your soundboard by clicking the Add File button. To play the added audio files, click the Play button. If you want to create a mashup of different audios, you can assign each audio clip in your list a Hot-Key of your choice and press that Hotkey to play it instantly.

 To make your life easier, this free soundboard comes with various settings that can be used to create a creative mix of loaded audio files, such as Modify Playback, Speed Set Hotkeys, and Push to Talk. This free soundboard software also supports audio Conversion to WAV and MP3. Load the file, select the format for conversion, and convert it. You can use this freeware even if you have an audio file in a format that isn’t supported. 

Jingle Palette

Jingle Palette is a free soundboard software that is simple but extremely useful. As a result, you can play multiple or single soundtracks that you’ve added to the system as well as mix them or set them in a loop to play at a specific time. It has two sound palettes, each with a soundtrack/jingle attached to it. It’s as simple as pressing a button. If you want, you can also assign your jingle to an empty button by right-clicking on it or using the Assign Jingle option on the interface. It’s easy to add an audio clip in MP3, MP2, MP1, OGG, or WAV to the empty button. Toggle between palettes by pressing the respective buttons. You can set a timer to automatically play a jingle or a set of jingles in this freeware. To do this, you need to select Time Announce and the appropriate jingle from the drop-down menu. You can also play an online audio file and have it auto mixed with another jingle by adding its URL.


To create awesome audio-mix soundtracks, you can use Mixere, a free soundboard software that allows you to load various audio files and mix them. In terms of audio playback and mixing, it has a wide range of tools and options to choose from. You can load up to 67 audio files on a single Mixere soundboard. Adding an audio file to a block is as simple as right-clicking and selecting the option to load audio. With their respective Hot-Keys, each block’s Transport, M/S, Pan, Pitch, Volume, and Position options can be accessed (in the Menu Bar).

As well as muting/starting them, you can also adjust their playback using this slider bar. This freeware has a cool feature that allows you to take a snapshot of the current soundboard. So you can save a recording of the audio files and their current status at a specific time. If you want to restore the soundboard, you can use this feature to create a restore point. There’s an option to go back to a particular board’s recorded screenshot if needed. If you make a mistake when mixing audio files, you can easily fix it with this feature. 


You can create your soundboard of audio files with Soundboard, which is a free software program. It has an easy-to-understand user interface. Only the WAV audio format is supported by this freeware, which has 16 sections in which different audio files may be added at a time. An audio file can be added to a segment by either browsing for it in your computer’s files folder or simply dragging and dropping it into the section. There is no way to add more audio files once all the sections have been filled. To add a soundtrack, delete a section and add the desired soundtrack to the section. Each soundtrack can be played individually with a click, or you can use the Loop button to select and play all of the soundtracks in a loop. With the Volume button, you can even adjust the volume of the playback. 

Soundboard: powered by flash player

A simple soundboard can be created using Soundboard, a free soundboard programme that you can download and use to create your own. It requires a flash player to function.

Use this free flash player-powered soundboard programme to add and play audio files of your choice. It’s a little difficult to use this freeware because it only has four sample buttons by default, and there’s no option to add any audio clips. There aren’t many features in this freeware, and the configuration process is complicated.

Silica Interactive Soundboard

You can create your soundboard with Silica Interactive Soundboard, a simple soundboard programme. Other than adding jingle/audio files and playing them individually, this programme has no other features. Because it’s just a basic soundboard, it has the simplest soundboard interface seen so far. As soon as the programme starts, it displays a single “File” option and an empty RED button with a tagged ‘0’. In addition, this freeware has a bug: once you reach 41 new buttons, you cannot access them because the scroll bar is missing. When there is no other good soundboard software available, you can use this free soundboard software to create a simple one of your own or learn the basics of making one. 

Sensory Soundboard

If you want to play scary sounds, you can use the free software Sensory Sound Board. It includes a default Soundboard with various spooky audio clips that can be used for pranks or to set a Halloween party playback theme. It has a user-friendly interface that displays a variety of frightful icons for each category. To play the scary audio clips attached to each of the icons, click on the icon, and it will open a new window where you can play the audio clips. In addition to playing a variety of scary sounds, the Sound Playback options allow you to choose from various sound settings, including Single sound playback, Many Sounds At Once, Echo Voice Effect and NO sound effects. 

Death counter and Soundboard 

Death Counter and Soundboard is a multifunctional and interesting Soundboard app for Windows 10. Since it can be customized and integrated with games, this device has appeal for gamers. If you’re interested in working with music, this open-source program is a great choice. You can also work with a single hotkey. Death Counter and Soundboard have a very small file size. It’s compatible with all versions of Windows. The Soundboard Software repository is on GitHub. Although it is popular for assigning hotkeys, it is not widely used as a keyboard. 

Desktop Soundboard Builder 

Using Desktop Soundboard Builder, you can easily create custom sounds. A 2.5 MB piece of software is all it takes. You can, on the other hand, create an unlimited number of playlists. It has a huge and free music library so that you can add many tracks to it. A local disc can be used to add mp3 files. Drag-and-drop is used for input, so it’s painless. Dashboard for Desktop Soundboard Builder is easy to use. You can add, edit, and delete songs from your playlist here. Use an MP3 cutter and editor to add a customised audio clip to your MP3 file. In addition, you can browse through a wide range of categories such as Animals and Nature and Celebrities and Comedians. 


Among the best Windows Soundboard Software, Resanance can be put to good use. It also allows you to set up several hotkeys to play any music you want quickly. In addition, it’s open-source, so you can use it however you want. For music, Skype chat, discord and Teamspeak, more than 30000 people use it. As an Amazon Affiliate, this software has been sponsored by the programme. As far as the features go, Resanance is top-notch. Different hotkeys and buttons can be set up. Playing multiple devices at the same time is possible. There are no problems playing.mp3 files,.wav,.flac,.ogg files, or.wav files. Aside from that, it can be used to play games. 


There is no doubt that soundboard software has been a great source of help and entertainment for people. It has helped companies automate some of their processes, and it has helped people with disabilities. This is a very useful program, but it’s still a very limited program in many ways. Aside from that, it has nothing else. Nevertheless, if used properly, it can make a huge difference in a person’s life. 

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