Digital Marketing

Career and Jobs in Digital Marketing

Career and Jobs in Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing means doing marketing activities on digital platforms. From traditional marketing to digital marketing, technology has changed the way of doing marketing. If we look 10-15 years back, we can see that there was only a famous medium of advertising products and that was TV advertising, but as the number of users switched to the internet from TV, the way of advertising has also changed. Today, the focus of marketing companies is on the digital platform. While surfing the internet you can see different ads on different social sites. All these ads are part of digital marketing. There are a lot of reasons which show the need for a digital marketing Career.

First of all, all over the world, digitalization has been done in every field of society. Therefore, you can attract people to this platform. All the traditional ways are obsolete and not so useful

The digital economy is growing faster than the traditional economy. In this marketing, there are a lot of career options to choose from to earn a good living. This field promotes a “work from home” approach that is proved a boon in the pandemic Covid-9. There are a lot of career options in this field. From SEO to the digital director, a lot of options are available on this digital platform. Let’s have a look at these different options.

Career and Job Options in Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing Manager or Digital Director

A person who is liable for all the marketing activities at the highest level of the company is known as Digital Marketing Manager. One who wants to be Digital Director needs to have experience of at least 5-7 years in the Digital Marketing field. This person manages all the strategies regarding companies’ advertisement policy, how to increase the traffic of sites, timely improvements in websites, etc.

Web Developer and Web Designer

You must have seen many websites on the internet, a person who is liable to maintain those sites is known as a Web Developer or Web Designer. Web Developer is mainly responsible for designing, and modifying the websites. A Web Developer should have knowledge of various coding languages, computer software, and HTML to create an amazing website that can attract traffic and can help achieve targets.

Search Engine Optimizer

SEO executives are mainly liable to make websites on top in Google ranking. They use different organic techniques to promote websites to get traffic on their sites. They make sure that the content of their sites is search friendly and they also work on search-friendly keywords that make it easy to rank on google.

Social Media Marketer

A person who is engaged in managing the company’s influence on every social media platform like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc. A social media marketer prepares different strategies and content for these platforms and timely checks the reviews on these contents. Sometimes they have to have paid promotions on their Facebook and Instagram accounts to reach a lot of customers.    

Content Marketer

This person manages the company’s content strategies. Content means information related to the product of the company in different ways like blogs, videos, email newsletters, etc. The main job of this post is to make splendid contents that can help promote your ideas and can increase the traffic of your site. A marketer has to work on blogging, guest blogging, video creation, PR, copywriting, etc.


Search Engine Marketing experts are responsible for all the paid ads we see on different digital platforms. A search engine marketing expert makes strategies regarding the ads policies like ad campaigns, ad budget, ad biddings, etc. They timely inspect whether their ads are reaching the right people or not. If a person has great data analytical skills, then he can choose this field as his career.

Data Analyst

A data analyst does an analysis of data and makes them significant information for boosting marketing. A data analyst collects data from different sources and examines the pattern and trends. These data prove a business booster for all who adopt digital marketing.

Video Production

Videos for doing promotions are considered one of the best ways of promotions because in this way the marketers directly reach the right people inefficient way. Videos can attract people in a more potent way. Therefore, a lot of marketers focus on video production marketing. These videos can be played on different platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, etc.

What would be Earnings in the Digital Marketing Stream?

If you are thinking of making your career in the Digital Marketing field, you will have to observe yourself first to check what position you are fit for. After choosing the right option you need to learn some basic marketing skills. You can learn these skills through different platforms, you can join any renowned institute or you can join any online classes on YouTube. After learning some skills, you should go for internships in different companies to boost your knowledge.

With the help of an internship, you can make your foundation enough strong and can get a job easily. The most important question when you choose a career that how much you will earn. In digital marketing, there are a lot of remote jobs with different salary packages including high to average levels of salary. If you are highly skilled and talented, you can easily get the desired remuneration. For different posts, there are different salary slabs. There are various posts in digital marketing such as Digital Marketing Manager, Data Analyst, PPC Expert, Google Analytics Expert, Content Writer, SEO Expert, Outreach Manager, Display Advertising Manager, and Email Marketing Expert, and their Salary approx. 50k $ to 100k $in a company.

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