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What Does Mean By VFX Technology? Best Tools and Software for VFX

Best Tools and Software for VFX

Visual effects or VFX as it is commonly called is all about creating manipulating computer generated imagery and combining it into live actual elements called as compositing. Now a days most probable Movie’s using VFX Technology to release movies with special and abnormal effects. VFX is the a wide and broad career. Visual Effects made a movie adorable and marvelous. You know the all film industry use VFX ultra technology for a movie production. Here are the following Techniques use in VFX Technology.

Using Techniques in VFX Technology

Chroma Keying

The most commonly used VFX tool today is Green Screen in which the background can be removed, added or replaced from behind the actor is called as Chroma Keying.


Another method from separating the background from foreground is rotoscoping. This is quite a hectic process and can only be used when there is no Green Screen behind the actor.


Tracking is used to replicate and apply the movement of the hand with the computer graphic elements.

Best Free and Premium software’s for VFX


Blender is one of the amazing online platforms for exploring 3D computer graphics and visual effects or VFX. This is one of the best software for compositing, 3D modelling, its features include rendering, rigging, sculpting, video editing, and motion tracking techniques. It is completely free and open source software used for creating animated films,3D models, building video games and VFX content.

Since it offers a production-ready camera and object tracking feature, you can edit your 3D scenes in various ways such as importing raw footage. It is free and suitable for freelancers as well as for commercial work. The built-in renders or ‘Cycles’ in the software gives realistic lighting and shading effects. Blender’s UV Unwrapping features include painting directly onto the mash, Cube, Cylinder, Sphere, and Camera projections, as well as UV layout image exporting. The software is compatible with Mac, Windows, and Linux operating systems.

Features of Blender VFX Software (Download for Android)

  • Allows matching of the lighting in the background scene.
  • It is multi-threaded and allows full composting of images and videos.
  • You can get a real-time preview of the footage.
  • The sculpting feature is available.
  • Matchmaking of the real camera motion is possible.
  • Suitable for everyone who wants to create realistic visual effects.

Fusion VFX Software

Fusion is a node-based system widely used for editing and compositing. Fusion allows you to key, rotoscope, motion track and composite, bringing VFX into your world seamlessly, Camera and Planar Tracking, Virtual Reality and Planar Rotoscoping, which allow creating professional movies. , It is called one of the best VFX editing and digital compositing software in the world. . Fusion works smoothly on Mac, Windows and Linux devices. Fusion free VFX software for Mac and Windows is already in use in Hollywood movies and TV shows because of its wide range of effects and tools.

Features of fusion VFX Software

  • Functions with virtual reality
  • Supports many media formats
  • User-oriented
  • Lots of transitions and effects
  • You can export your files at 4K UHD 60fps
  • May be expensive for some
  • Rendering speed is lowered that stated
  • You can easily save your compositions as a template.
  • Editing a template is possible.
  • Noise reduction and sharpening tools are available.
  • Features like animation curve modifiers available for easy compositions.
  • Sync Audio animations available to playback audio.
  • You can easily save your compositions as a template.
  • Best for animation
  • Animation
  • Very reliable
  • Procedural and polygonal modelling
  • Texturing and rendering capabilities
  • UV editing and Body painting should be improved

Hitfilm VFX

Hitfilm Express is a visual effects software that provides some amazing tools for film editing and video editing and creating games. Hitfilm is a great platform to polish your video editing and VFX skills. Hitfilm Express comes with over 140 effects, and allows you the ability to do compound video editing.

Features of Hitfilm VFX

  • For making epic VFX
  • Solid timeline video editor
  • Fast video editing thanks to playback features
  • Customizable and user-friendly exporting
  • You can keep on editing while exporting files
  • Low export speed
  • You need to buy add-ons to enjoy the full functionality
  • Comes with a built-in voice recorder.
  • Free video tutorials available for beginners and learners.
  • Suitable for both Windows and Mac.
  • Easy Editing, titling, and visual effects.
  • Easy adjustment of volume and addition of sound effects.
  • A well know VFX tool to make excellent effects
  • A regularly updated version is available
  • Open-source software to customize your needs

Krita a VFX Tool

Krita software is best used for Texture and matte painters. Krita is one of the best VFX software for PC and can be used to paint comics or illustrations. This software is completely free without any subscription limits. There are built-in vector tools for creating comic panels such as a bubble template.

Features of Krita Free VFX Software for Windows 7

  • You can customize the layout according to the requirement.
  • Allows you to create shortcuts for the most used tools.
  • You can move the dockers or panels to customize the process or workflow.
  • For basic digital drawing
  • Optimized software
  • Sleek UI with a perfect layout
  • Lots of brushes
  • Support for layers
  • Lacks photo retouching tools
  • Updates bring lags

4D Cinema

4D Cinema is best for 3D artists, beginners, and seasonal Professionals. It comes with a variety of tools suitable for 3D artists like textures and parametric modelling. Cinema 4D enables its users to create animations, perform rendering or texturing tasks and it offers a rich library of object presents scenes and materials. In addition to sculpting tools, the 3D artist can utilize Polygon and Parametric modelling options in their projects. Furthermore, Splines enable you to create complex 3D objects, while Deformers let you twist or compress these objects without having to worry about their Geometry. It is can be used on both Mac and Windows.

Features of 4D Cinema VFX Effects Software for Free Download

  • Customizable layout according to the need of users.
  • Free service packs available.
  • All the features are properly tested before releasing for use.
  • Flexible to even last-minute changes.
  • Best visual effects software for beginners and professional users
  • Intuitive interface to start making VFX
  • Free service packs are stable to use
  • Very reliable
  • Procedural and polygonal modelling
  • Texturing and rendering capabilities
  • UV editing and Body painting should be improved

Adobe After Effects

As the name suggest Adobe After Effects Software is used to add special visual effects to already edited video. Techniques like Chroma Key, 3D camera tracker, or Rotoscoping can be easily applied to the videos using this particular software. Adobe After Effects can be used on Mac and PC computers.

Features of Adobe After Effects

  • Best video editor
  • Regular updates and top-level tools
  • Tight integration with other Adobe programs
  • Cloud storage
  • Lots of beautiful transitions
  • Steep learning curve

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