The Best Third-Party App Stores for iOS and Android in 2021

Best 3rd Party App Stores for Android and iOS in 2021

Have you been on the lookout for the absolute best third-party app stores for your iOS or your Android? Well, look no further because your hunt is about to end here. Let us dive into the top third-party app stores for iOS and Android! We use third party app stores just because of need some free access of good apps that are available on 3rd party app stores in iOS and Android.

Top Rated 10 Best 3rd Party App Stores for Android and iOS in 2021

1. Tweakbox (for Android & iOS)

The absolute first one to be noticed amongst these third-party app stores for your iOS is Tweakbox. Both iOS and Android users might take advantage of this particular app store to download multiple apps or other games from a rather vast repository. This user interface is extremely easy to navigate, and here, finding new apps will never be a problem.

You will indeed be rather ecstatic to finally find out the modified and the hacked versions of the particular apps that might have been seated on your wish list for quite a long time now. Android users would not be required to root their particular phones and neither would the iOS users need to perform the jailbreak to their iPhones. With over about 2000 free apps, this particular app store has been considered to be a must-try.

2. Tutu App (for Android & iOS)

The next app on this list of third-party app stores is the Tutu App for your iOS and your Android. Made for both Android and iOS users, this particular app store allows the users to experience a rather premium feel, however, you would be able to use it absolutely for free. The iOS users get two available versions: Regular and VIP.

Android users would have to worry about choosing. To download any particular applications from Tutu App Store, they would not need to root their Android device or make a jailbreak to their iPhones. They will surely find all the original applications along with the other modified versions.

3. Aptoide (for Android)

It is common for Android users to have heard about the app named Aptoide. This app is particularly capable of serving as a replacement for the official app stores, that too for both the iOS and the Android rather easily. You could even find exclusive third-party applications for your Android on this particular app store. This given platform has got all the numerous known applications and it tends to support the paid and the free applications.

4. Appland (for iOS)

The app store by the name of Appland usually tends to target numerous international markets that particularly include the USA, Iran, Iraq, Panama, Egypt, Mexico, Myanmar, Malaysia, etc. It has been essentially responsive and very easy to navigate in order to search for the numerous applications that you would in turn love to explore.

The iOS users might as well ditch the App Store because, on Appland, the iPhone users might easily download multiple third-party apps for their iPhone. However, the terms of its distribution and the revenue provided have been a bit vague, but that is not a deal-breaker.

5. GetJar (for Android & iOS)

Another one of the extremely fantastic third-party app stores has been GetJar for your iOS. Whether it be your Android or your iOS, here are apps available for all of your platforms. As for the paid applications, you might as well get them for free.

The particularly best part about this GetJar is that all of the older versions of the multiple other apps have been available, thus if you would think of whether a new update might have rendered itself to be useless, you might uninstall that instantly and in turn, download the usable older version.

6. AppValley (for iOS)

This iOS app store by the name of AppValley has been capable of being able to replace the default app store of Apple. You would in turn be thankful that you have come across this particular app store. In case if you face any certain problems while you use this app store, you might as well reach AppValley’s social media handle and then ask them for any sort of help. Moreover, there would be no requirement to jailbreak any of your iPhones, which serves as a huge plus point.

7. iOSemus (for iOS)

iOSemus has been considered to be a great App Store alternative that works without any hitch. You would get to see numerous free apps in this particular repository of iOSemus. There have been two variants for you to choose from, with the only difference in them being their icons.

This UI has been rather good and has been buttery-smooth. If you fall upon any issues, you might as well get in touch with the particular developers on the platform of Twitter.

8. Cydia (for iOS)

It is to be noted that if you would want to use Cydia, it would be necessary for you to jailbreak your given iPhone. However, if that does not serve as a problem, this is a rather fantastic App Store replacement. The UI has been deemed to be fabulous and very easy to navigate. You would also notice similarities while using this between the default app store because it tends to look like an exact copy.

9. AppBrain (for Android)

The next third-party app store for iOS is AppBrain. This app has continued to run for over a decade now and has been one of the most trustworthy among the numerous Android app stores that you might find.

10. iOS Haven (for iOS)

The last one on our list of these third-party app stores is iOS Haven. This name itself is rather soothing to all the multiple people who ensure that their app store list must include a certain form of security.

The user interface is rather smooth and indeed very easy to navigate. iOS Haven is one of the best 3rd party app stores for iOS users.


Well, these would be some of the best third-party app stores for your iOS and your Android. If you have been on the lookout for any replacement, we urge you to look more because we could be sure that one of these alternatives that have been cited above would turn out to be the best for your device and the requirements you would have to cater to!

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