Best 10 Online Learning Platform for Coding

Best Online Learning Platform for Coding

Coding is a computer language which help to develops tools, Software, Apps and Web Pages etc. Coding is the very important part of a Developer. Here we are explain about Best Free and Premium Learning Platforms available Online for Coding. This is time is very crucial for every one we can not take the risk to join an offline classes for coding just because fo Covid-19 coronavirus. So here we are presenting you Best Online Platform that available all kind of information and deep knowledge about Coding.

Best Coding Platform Available Online for Learn Coding with Experts in 2021

  1. Top Coder
  2. Code Academy
  3. Hacker Rank
  4. W3Schools
  5. CodeWars
  6. Sololearn
  7. Code Mentor
  8. Coursera
  9. edX
  10. Free Code Camp


Topcoder is an online platform that provides competitive programming. This company includes global community of designers, developers and data scientists. This company pays their members for their work and sell their services to the corporate world, medium size units etc. Top coder was founded by Jack Huges in 2001. Topcoder provides regular competitive challenges to its contestants. The contestants get the prize of $ 5000 to $10000 for winning the competition. The contestants come from different schools and universities of different countries. This company mainly depends on its community who are dedicated to complete the projects. Anyone who is interested in coding can easily get entry to this community without any financial limitations. Its design community mainly focused on Wireframes, Idea Generation, Application and Web design, Design Concept, Icon Design, Presentation Design etc. Topcoder’s development department mainly focuses on Bug Bash, Code, First to Finish, Quality Assurance, UI Prototype

Topcoder works on different Data Science Challenges are Following

  • Marathon Match
  • Data Science First to Finish
  • Data Science Sprint
  • Data Visulization
  • Data Science Ideation.


Codeacademy boasts of an outstanding platforms for the beginners to learn the coding. All the enthusiasts who want to learn coding can invest their time and money to codeacademy. They claim that over 50 million learners get benefitted from this platform. They offers different programming languages to learn that are Python Programming, Java, JavaScript, Ruby, SQL, C++, CSS, Swift, Sass and HTML.

A learner can learn all the languages with the help of Codeacademy. This platform runs a system of set of works, you need to complete one task to get another one. This progression system makes its user learn coding in easy way. Codeacademy also provides platform to apply whatever you have learned. All the learners are offered to choose the programming language of their own choice.

Hacker Rank

Now we are going to discuss the most important platform of Coding. This website is considered best for the new learners because it provides wide range of resources. Hacker Rank provides some short period courses on its platform too. Hacker Rank is considered best for companies to hire the employees. They recruit their employees with the help of Hacker Rank on interview basis. So we can say that Hacker Rank plays a vital role between job seekers and job givers. It boasts of having 10 million plus developers and 90 million plus challenges where around 70 k are assessed on daily basis. There is proper recruiting system that doesn’t need much time in recruiting process.


This is considered one of the finest training platform of programming languages. It features some free tutorials too on this platform. It offers a platform where you can learn step by step. You can start your journey from the very bottom or you can start from the advance stage. It totally depends on you where from you want to start your journey. It provides quizzes, advanced examples to test yourself that where you stand. W3School claims to be “The World’s Largest Web Developer Site” and they almost fulfil this title’s meaning. It works on a wide range of languages such as; HTML, Javascript, Java, Python, CSS, SQL, PHP, jQuery, C++, Bootstrap and etc.


Codewar is a programming community that works for coding learners. This platform runs many challenges for their learners, that knows as Kata. You can choose any of languages and can get trained by solving kata. You can check your strength and weakness by testing  through kata. Your progress depends on the rank of kata test. There are a lot languages on this platform for you. These are as follows; Clojure, Coffeescript, C, C++, Crystal, Dart, Elixir, Go, Groovy, SQL, Swift, Typescript etc. You can choose one or more language courses as per your needs and strength.


SoloLearn is also famous among beginners and for those who are well trained and looking forward to something advanced. This application features basic quizzes to advances challenges as per a learner’s need. You can check yourself by solving quize and determine your status. This platform comprises many handy specifications that help you to gain skilled and competitive spirit. You can also share your experience via this app. This stunning app offers some outstanding courses such as; Python, Javascript, HTML, SQL, CSS, Swift, Java, C++ and many more languages. So this app features a wide platform for all type of learners.


Let’s discuss another splendid platform for learning coding languages. There is a community known as Devprojects that works for new learners to teach them different programming languages through different outstanding ways. The way, they teach the languages are designed by talented and well experienced team members. They try to make the learning process quite easier for all newcomers. They also offer advanced challenges for who want to learn advance programming and coding. On this platform, it is expected that practicle and theory learning should be equal.


Coursera is well known for its flawless learning features. It starts learning process from the basic to the top level of coding skills. You will find the stunning learning courses on this platform. All the learning courses are prepared by experienced developers and they make learning easy for each type of learners. They also provide different types of programming languages. Some of them are as follows; HTML, CSS, Javascript, C++ and many more important languages. 


edX is a learning platform where over 5 million students get education of different programming languages. They cover all the relevant courses in their packages. You can choose whatever you want to learn and raise your standard as soon as you get trained. This site offers many learning languages HTML, JAVA, jQuery, C++, C#, Python and many more.

Geek for Geeks

One of the most loved learning sites for learning program. It has versatile developers who prepares courses for beginners and old users. The skilled developers make learners available outstanding articles, quizzes, different challenges to learn the new techniques. This platform is also known for its vast material providing site, where you can experience each type of solution to your problems. The various programming languages are taught on this platform such as C, C++, Java, Python and other coding languages. 

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