Ultra-fast Broadband & Fibernet in Metro Cities

Ultra-fast Broadband & Fibernet in Metro Cities

With time, the need for the urban population has also evolved. Today the availability of good internet connectivity is the basic necessity. You get restless if the internet is disconnection or you are out of its reach. Therefore, it is essential to have an ultra-fast internet connection at home or work. Today, we find WiFi and hotspot quite easily, but internet stability is always good when wired internet connectivity is used. In metro cities, you can get broadband and fiber net for high-speed internet facilities. In this blog, we have covered the best-wired internet service providers in metro cities.

Here are the list of Fibernet in Metro Cities

1. Jio Fiber

Jio has evolved to be one of the largest telecom service providers in India. Recently, Jio has launched Jio Fiber, which is its broadband services. It has the network spread across the country. There are many packages and plans according to the data requirement and speed. You can get titanium, platinum, diamond, gold, or silver plans to get stable, secure and high-speed internet. If you pick any of the packages, you will get three months of free subscription to JioCinema and JioSaavan. You can get unlimited voice calling, TV video calling, and high-speed gaming experience.

2. Airtel Xstream Fiber

Airtel has recently rolled out Airtel Xstream Fiber as the ultra-fast internet service. It is reaching all across the country, but presently it is functional in metro cities. Airtel Xstream brings multiple plans on ultimate data. The Premium Airtel Xstream gives 500 GB monthly with an average speed of 300mbps. You can also get 90GB data with 40Mbps speed. It varies in price and speed, but the internet is stable and gives good speed.

3. ACT Fibernet

ACT Fibernet is the broadband service only available in metro cities. It is one of the largest non-telecommunication Internet service providers in India. It claims to be the most trusted wired internet network for FTTH (Fiber-to-the-home) services. You can directly plug it into your PC and start using it with your registered ID and Password. You can go through the ACT broadband plans to know the city-specific internet plans. Compare the mentioned packages and get the best for your needs. 

4. Jetspot Fiber

Jetspot has recently launched fibernet service providers in India, to be precise; it came into existence in 2015. It is known for its fiber nitro, which gives amazing speed of 100Mbps up to 10GB. You can go ahead and check if it has the FTTH connectivity in your area or not. It is an excellent wired internet option majorly because of its reasonable price.

5. AsiaNet Fibernet

AsiaNet Fibernet is spread across the states of Kerala and Tamil Nadu. It gives amazingly high-speed internet. You can get FTTH internet services at a reasonable price.  AsiaNet offers a Fair Usage Policy(FUP) breaker that is higher than the usage limit of a month. If you reside in those 14 districts where AsiaNet is operational, you can consider using this connection to get great plans and packages.

Here is the list of Broadband for Urban Areas

6. DEN

DEN network has stepped into broadband services to elevate the internet user experience. This company has already created its presence in entertainment and mass media. Now the internet services of Den gives high speed, minimal download time, and customized monthly plans. You will get the best stable internet connection if you use Den broadband.

7. Hathway

Hathway is a trusted name in providing internet services. It does not have a widespread network, but you can get to use this network if you are in metro cities. It has many offers and plans for you to choose from. You can make the payment quarterly and use ultra-fast internet services. You can visit the website to check the recharge package for your city.


BSNL is one of the oldest broadband service providers in India. There are many BSNL internet plans and packages available. The common packages give 4 to 24Mbps of internet speed. You can directly connect your computer to its connection. The benefit of using this is that it has no limit on downloading.

9. YOU Broadband

YOU is another ultra-fast broadband service provider in India. It needs a cable modem to connect to the internet. It is operational in Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Haryana, Gujarat, etc. It is ideal for SMEs, corporates, and residential uses. If you have started up a new office and looking for a high-speed broadband internet connection, you can consider using this network. The Reddit users prefer to use YOU broadband over other networks.

10. Hayai

Hayai started its internet service operations since 2011. It provides a high-speed and stable internet connection at the best prices. One of the reasons for its popularity is cost-effective services. You can easily get monthly rental plans under a thousand rupees.  

11. Gigatel Broadband

Gigatel is an internet broadband service provider, which is recently gaining popularity. It does not entertain monthly rental costs; instead, it gives 100 Mbps speed for Rs.999. You can pay some amount for WiFi Router and for FTTH Modem to use it without any hassle. If Gigatel is operational in your area, then you can get its services.  

12. Spectra Broadband

Spectra Broadband is another ultra-fast internet provider that is exclusive to users in Delhi. You can get the ultimate speed of 1Gbps at the reasonable cost of Rs.899. However, you need to deposit a huge installation fee and security deposit. You can get this connection and avail unlimited data with the speed of 1Gbps. This connection will help you help stronger signal strength, low latency, and good speed.


With the rise of internet users in the country, many internet service providers have come up with attractive plans and packages. Now you can get the unbelievable speed of up to 1Gbps using fiber net and broadband. FTTH technology gives greater signal strength, higher bandwidth, cloud access, and network security. Therefore, go through the list of ultra-fast broadband and fiber net internet connection in Metro cities and choose the best for you.

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