How Does A Parent Give The Proper Education To Their Child?

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The more a child has the ability to clearly understand, assimilate and solve problems at an early age, the more likely he or she is to succeed in later life. Practice is not the only key to regular practice or hard work. Even the socio-economic status of the child is not so important. So at an early age you need to focus on sharpening your child’s intelligence. Trying to force children to become talented is counterproductive. They create various social and psychological problems. If you want to help your intelligent child develop his intelligence without putting him under any pressure.

Parents are very aware of all the issues of the child. Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average person. Studies have shown that children learn more between the ages of 1 and 3. Children of this age also have a strong interest in knowing.

It is often seen that despite being aware, parents cannot teach their children proper rules and regulations on many small matters including movement, eating and playing. Many times they get a lot of negative education which increases their chances of physical and mental illness, as well as unconsciousness can lead to serious accidents.

Therefore, parents should be especially aware of the child’s 1 to 3 years of age. Let’s see what you can teach your child at this time-

Addiction to the Screen is Harmful

Agility is a natural trait in children. If the child is naughtier, the parents can’t handle it and hand over the electronic device to watch their favorite cartoon online show. So that his attention is stuck in all this. And this is the danger. The blue light on the screen is very harmful for the baby’s eyes. Prolonged exposure to the TV, laptop and phone reduces the child’s ability to concentrate on other activities and disturbs sleep. Severe pain in the head and eyes may occur.

Not in the Habit of standing in a chair

When children learn to walk for the first time, they want to run around and pick up more and more things. When the desired thing is out of reach, many children stand on chairs and try to pick it up. It is not that children learn alone. Children learn this when they see their parents or other family members standing on the chair. Many times the parents also make the child stand on the chair. This habit of children can bring about the possibility of a fatal accident.

In the absence of parents or adults, a child can stand in a chair alone and pick up something, which can lead to serious accidents. So parents should never encourage this. The child has to learn, the chair is just a place to sit.

The way you Should not Sit

Children often sit on the floor with their legs folded upside down. Much like ‘W’. Sitting like this can cause problems in the baby’s legs and waist bones. In addition, various tissues of the baby’s neck and shoulders can be damaged. Doctors told parents to be careful so that children do not sit in this position.

Refuse to Play in Dirty Places

Children prefer to play outside. Playing sports on the field or in the open is also good for health. However, children should never be allowed to play in dirty places. This can lead to various diseases in the body of the child due to bacterial infection.

Absolutely unsuitable for playing clay soils. Slippery children can get seriously injured if they fall while playing on this ground. Again, hard places made of bricks or cement are also unsuitable for children’s play. The child should be allowed to play on soft and dry soil.

It is not Right to Hold the Railing

Many parents make their children stand on the porch or window railing. This is not right at all. Fatal accidents can occur when children follow the same procedure on road or roof railings. So it is not right to teach children to climb railings.

Choosing the Right Game for the Baby

Many parents think that if they play sports that put a lot of pressure on their body from an early age, the child will grow up faster and his physical constitution will be better. This is a completely wrong idea. Not all types of play are for small children. One type of game is suitable for people of all ages.

Find out from your doctor what kind of sports are best for your child. Any play can be a threat to the baby’s spine. Sometimes the spine can be bent.

For the physical and mental development of the child, attention should be paid to food, sleep, sports, and adherence to a proper lifestyle. It is good to remember that children are guided later by very early education. So make it a habit to follow the right course in life.

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