Are Humans The Weakest Link In Cybersecurity?


In the digital world, it is a convention to believe that technology guarantees success in the best way. who is going to organize and customize the technological approach? It is the human factor that also plays a significant role. The human link is there to utilize technological advancements in online marketing and digital usage adequately. there is also a trend that states that humans make the most errors, especially regarding cyber security and technology management.

How Are People The Weakest Link In Cybersecurity Structures?

Once you understand the importance of the human factor in cyber security, It is vital to know how they are also creating the most problems in maintaining a secure system online. It is only sometimes possible to individually and manually handle every security problem, making it the most confusing. Here are some ways the human factor is becoming the weakest link in cyber security.

1. Easy Authentication

Sometimes, people provide specific authentication details for their systems. For example, the email id, website link, and other personal information are straightforward to access. It gives a direct advantage to hackers to enter your system with proper authentication details before you even know about it.

2. Weak Passwords

The major problem of the human factor in cyber security is the formation of easy passwords. Though the system will prompt you to enhance your password with a complex combination of letters, numbers, and symbols, more is needed. People still need to provide stronger passwords like their date of birth, name, surname, and business name, among others.

3. Incorrect Configuration

System administrators can also carry out improper configuration patterns that provide easy access to hackers. For example, they can forget to change default passwords or copy-paste vital information from an unsafe platform to the system. The entire pattern gets recorded, leading to significant threats to cyber security.

4. Accessible Attraction Towards Flashy offers

Another severe mistake of humans is that they get easily attracted to offers, discounts, and other opportunities. It is known that people on the internet will only give you cheap products for a fee. However, people still try to follow unsafe links and websites to achieve something exciting. It is one of the prime reasons hackers easily access sensitive information online.

5. Undue Interest in The Online World

It mainly happens with first-time online users interested in the vast unknown. Therefore, they try to open links and applications already under the cyber security radar. It is impossible to manually track every access to your system, making it challenging to manage this problem. Moreover, it is already very late when you get any such warning. These interests can range from very attractive to things open to the world yet socially unacceptable.

6. Attraction Toward the Dark Web

As mentioned above, socially unacceptable things on the internet are a part of the dark web. It is a system that provides ultimate access to improper videos, applications, and other gestures. Understanding that you can never enter the dark web while running your online business is essential. It is a separate application that cannot harm your website until and unless you enter it willingly. The cyber security patterns have already encompassed the dark web in every way possible. However, the human factor is creating the most confusion in this regard. You will not be able to understand when any of your staff get access to the dark web from your system, and it can lead to a disaster.


The demand for a blend of human and technological factors is creating problems in cyber security these days. Indeed, hackers cannot enter your system if you don’t give access in any way. People need to understand how cybercriminals attract their attention to the wrong online marketing aspects. Automatically, they are entering a web of lies, making it easy for hackers to enter the system and steal sensitive information. The human factor is generally the weakest in this regard because cyber security works on a complex system of networks in general.

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