How you make sure that your child is safe in the digital world?

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Young kids and teens have become digital natives and today they can get engage online with a variety of activities and explore the content as much as they can. Therefore, the security of the children has been compromised, and being digital citizens they don’t bother to adopt civility online.

Parents have to teach their kids when civility online is a duty and when it could turn into a trap. The excessive screen-time of children has become a headache for parents. In addition to that, the inappropriate activities of teens in the digital world and obsession with social media and stranger danger are alarming situations for parents.

According to the Pew Research Center

More than two third-parents have reservations over the children’s excessive use of cell phone screens. The concerns of the parents are genuine because online predators like cyber bullies, stalkers, and the inappropriate content on the cyber world are the root cause of all evils. On the other hand, teens and children accidentally download malware, post private information, and last but not the least falling for scams. The use of cellphones connected to the internet and their usage all day long can cause teens ill sleeping patterns, depression, anger, frustration, and cognitive issues.

Therefore, parents should make sure that your child is safe in the digital world. Parents can do 5 things to make sure kids are safe in the digital world.

5 ways to keep kids save on the digital world

Parents should be updated about kid’s activities in the Digital World

Parents should check out the activities of teens and children on social messaging apps installed on their phones and their activities and all you can do with the social media messenger tracking app. It will deliver you the IM’s logs in terms of messages, chat conversations, voice and video calls, shared media, and voice messaging activities. Moreover, parents can monitor the screen of a cellphone device by using the screen recorder that enables parents to record back to back short videos of the screen and send the recorded videos to the online dashboard. Parents can see the live recorded videos and get to know about browser activities, social media, emails, SMS sent and received, and many more.

Don’t ignore your children if they are willing to have a conversation with you, because the Pew research center report says that 51% of the teens have found parents distracted by their cellphone activities when they want a conversation with them.

Monitor passwords & internet history of kids

Parents should have access to the password of the teens which they use on social media websites and apps and further, keep an eye on their browsing activities. If you have provided your own digital devices to your teens, then it is easy for you to have password and internet activities of teens, but if they have their separate devices, then you need to use an android monitoring app. The installed application enables parents to record the password and internet history of the teens. So, parents can get to know that what teens and kids are doing on cellphone installed instant messaging apps and on phone default browsers.

Control kid’s & Teens online activities

The excessive use of cyberspace, cellphone screen, and social media platforms can put teens into danger. Therefore, parents need to control kids’ and teen’s online activities. Parents can guide their children to use the mobile phone and the digital world in their presence and restrict them not to use phones and tablets while on the bed at eve. If the restrictions cannot work, then parents can use remote control the digital activities of teens using mobile tracking software. It enables parents to remotely control activities such as block websites, text conversations on cellular networks, and social media. Further, parents can remotely block internet access to sabotage online activities.

Set Ground rules for kids & talk about technology

Don’t make your children rebels and always discuss your concerns in a friendly way. You can discuss the use of technology in terms of cellphones, browsers, social media, and other activities. In addition to that, parents somehow need to be authoritative rather be friendly with kids all the time. They should make ground roles for the teens. You can make sure that when your children are allowed to use their devices and when they cannot use the phones connected to the internet at all. It will help out parents to prevent children from excessive use of the digital world. Moreover, make sure that your child should use social media and the internet under your presence.

Make a pact with teens & kids

Under the circumstances, parents can make a pact with the teens and children that they will follow all the rules and regulations that you have made for them for the use of cellphones and the internet. Parents should allow teens to use password-protected devices. Parents should log in to the device first regularly and then allow teens to use the internet. Suppose teens are now following your restrictions, and it is difficult for you to pursue them to follow the ground rules and, then you can install a cellphone surveillance app on mobile devices and secretly make a check on activities on the digital world.

What is a Mobile Monitoring Software?

It is an application that parents can secretly install on kid’s cellphone devices connected to the internet to set parental control app on their online activities. Parents can complete the setup and then use its online portal features that empowers parents to monitor activities of children perform on the digital world and the cellular networks. Parents can use features, screen recording, call recording, social media messenger monitoring, keystroke logging, and IM’s call recording. You can use internet history and plenty of other features that can easily make sure that your child is safe in the digital world to the fullest.


The digital citizenship of the children without knowing the pros and cons of the digital world can put them into trouble. Therefore, its parent’s responsibility to make sure kids are safe in the digital world and not getting involved in inappropriate activities.

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