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Coronavirus Outbreak – A Global Pandemic with Huge Impacts

Coronavirus Outbreak

Coronavirus has become a huge challenge for the whole world with its rapid spread. To date, 9,700 people have lost their lives due to the infection and over 150 countries have been seriously affected by the virus. With deaths and crises developing in many countries, all countries are in full swing with the more effective measures to control the further spread of the virus. The World Health Organization has given a declaration that the COVID-19 is without any doubt a global pandemic with the number of cases confirmed increasing in number every day.

The COVID-19 was found out only in 2019 and as there are no signs of the infection in human history, it remains a big threat. Only the common symptoms like cough, fever, running noses, sore throat, and some respiratory disorders have been noticed so far and it is believed that they are zoonotic. With this well-researched information, the Government has given serious instruction sot all people to take up precautions to avoid the infection. The Government in all countries has recommended people to follow some guidelines.

  • Washing hands on a regular basis
  • Avoid contact with eyes, nose or mouth when unclean
  • Staying away from people with any health disorders
  • Adopting proper sanitation procedures
  • Being more careful while coughing or sneezing
  • Covering up face as much as possible while going to crowded places if need be
  • Avoiding aking foods outside the home and also consuming freshly cooked foods as much as possible

The deaths in Italy have crossed the deaths in China and this has turned out to be a huge shock to the whole world. Especially, 475 deaths on the 18th of March is a huge figure and no country has accounted for such a number since the coronavirus outbreak. Also, the disease has given UK a threat with many deaths in the recent days.

Spanish people to face the same situation. People in different parts of the world strive hard to return to their home countries and be along with their families in these tough situations. However, things have not been favorable as there are many travel restrictions and visa cancellations all over to bring things under control. The economy has been seriously affected by shut down of works in all sectors in many countries.

Most importantly, the focus is on instructing people not to get panic watching or listening to rumors spread or the fake news about the infection or the vaccines for coronavirus. Also, people are advised not to follow any unauthorized food schedule or diet for coronavirus.

The Prime Minister of India Mr.Narendra Modi Speech on March 19th, 2020 covers up certain important points.

  • The whole nation has been asked to take up Janata curfew on March 22nd, 2020 from 7 AM to 9 PM after the serious issues due to coronavirus and no one is supposed to go out from their homes.
  • Distancing should be brought into practice in all social places so as to put an end to any physical contact that can turn out to be dreadful.
  • People are asked to follow the rules and guidelines specified in all the places they go to.
  • Take up social responsibility in spreading the message of distancing and the Janata curfew to the maximum number of people possible.
  • The Prime Minister has told that this measure would be a real test to the ability of the nation in trying to resolve the existing problems and also work on preventing further issues.
  • On 22nd March, all people have been asked to arrive at their doorsteps or balconies to cheer the service providers of different fields including medicine and transport for their solid support by clapping for 5 minutes at 5 PM.
  • People are advised to avoid any checkups they take up on a routine basis at hospitals except for emergencies.
  • Most importantly, surgeries that are only elective have been advised to be postponed to be on the safer side.
  • The Government has formed a Task Force of COVID-19 to support people so that they do not get panic about the spread of the infection.
  • Employers are to take responsibility for taking care of their employees.
  • People need not panic and buy essential commodities in bulk quantities and store them up as all commodities would be available to all people.

It’s the duty of each and every person in the world to take proper responsibility and follow the guidelines instructed by the Government so as to minimize the effect of this global problem and hope to recover people soon.

All people need to do at this critical moment is go as per the Government restrictions and stay calm as the whole world is in full attention in finding out a suitable remedy for people. It’s more in the hands of people to stand united and fight the COVID-19.

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