CheerPod Portable Mini Air Mouse with Touchpad and Laser Point

CheerPod Portable mini air Mouse with Touchpad

Are you still looking for what’s special with CheerPod Portable Mini Air Mouse with Touchpad? Have you felt anything special with this new portable air mouse which is experiencing by tons of users nowadays? Look like, you amazed by the outstanding feature that CheerPod Portable air mouse delivers. Obviously, you are on the right website to know a complete idea on CheerPod portable mini air mouse.

Everyone does experience a mouse if you once felt touched with a computer in your home, office, or during schooling. The mouse is the most important part of a computer and without a mouse, computer usage will be harder.

CheerPod Air Mouse Features Specification and Price

Do you really know why this portable mouse makes exceptional while comparing it with others? Certainly, there are many existing striking features this CheerPod air mouse bringing great audience attention. Let us see more what the Gizmos report team wants to say you about this portable mouse. Before you need to know How CheerPod Works. CheerPod mini air mouse price is started from 39USD around.

How CheerPod Works?

The technology using in the CheerPod Portable air mouse in the sense of bringing Bluetooth configuration. It will be virtually connecting a computer or your mobile device with instant action with enhanced control everywhere.

Ever used a mouse which is 2.3 inches in size before in your life. That is what now you are going to experience with this CheerPod. The smart technology which enhanced with a lightweight feature is simply amazing. This can hold in 2 fingers and that strikes how beautiful this gadget it is.  You might have thought like – Why should I buy 13-Inch Laptops. Likewise, many of them will be thinking, as it is just a mouse and why it can’t avail in simply holding size. Now, the wait is over and your need is running in front of you.

CheerPod Portable Mouse with Touchpad – A Brief idea

Experience a laser technology and smaller mouse now at the earliest in the market. A slide button is at the top and connects with just a tap on it without the sense of a receiver. A strong Bluetooth signal is transmitting from your gadget with this Pocket-sized touchpad mouse for its functioning. Besides, you can easily able to connect this gadget with your macOS, Smartphones, Tablets, and for the Window laptops.

As the motion sensor facilitates the action once after switching to the ON mode. However, the movement as like we control the mouse pointer makes sense with the action of right to left and top to bottom movement. This means users can easily slide to up and down and swipe right and left easily.

The mouse moment functions the same on the screen of your gadget made the connection. As the right click and left click action will be managed with the same gadget with touching sensors action. For the air mode action, you can switch the same in the top button provided in terms of CheerPod air mouse with a presentation tool.

Obviously, a multi-functioning facility is capable of this CheerPod air mouse in this sense. While turning on the laser action, you are making profits in buying projectors. The Bluetooth connection along with the laser action makes the screen reflect while you point the CheerPod mouse on the screen. Exactly another alternative and cheap tool to perform a projector action are providing by this super cool gadget.

User reviews on CheerPod Portable Mouse

What else the users need if they are getting a mouse and the projector action in one single place. As if you going to the store and buy those gadgets, it will be costlier and bulkier to carry. Well, this is making sense a unique product brings the attention of a huge market.

Users highly appreciate CheerPod Portable Mouse with Touchpad and more multitasking functions it brings you. As a matter of fact, you might be thinking CheerPod Portable Mouse price will be huge. Obviously not a big deal, but it cost around 39USD and on the basis of the dealer, there will be shipping charge for this beautiful device.

CheerPod Pros and Cons you should know

While if you buy a product, you need to double-check the action – how it is performing along with it has any cons side as well. Here are some of the CheerPod Pros and Cons you should be aware of before using this gadget.


  • It works exactly like the remote control action if you are switching in terms of experiencing as a projector.
  • Easy to carry in the pocket anywhere and wherever you go.
  • Excellent Tool For Presentation
  • Super Low Latency


  • As it is having a laser action managed, better not to use inside your pocket, while its on condition.

Conclusion –

Hope you found an amazing idea on CheerPod Portable mini air mouse here at Gizmosreport. Stay alert with the Gizmos Report team yet another chilling update soon at the earliest.

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