10 Best Sports News Apps in iOS and Android

Best Sports News Apps in iOS and Android

Sports have become a significant part of the entertainment industry over the years. The best sporting experience is always the best when watched live either at home or the stadium. It is often quite disappointing when one misses out on their favorite teams’ important matches due to otherworldly commitments. The sporting experience has quite changed and now you can follow your favorite sports from your mobile phones with in-depth analysis. The best sports apps to follow your favorites are:

Top-Rated Sports News Apps Available Android and iOS

1. Bleacher Report

The Mobile app for Bleacher Report updates the user with the latest news on game status and scores. This app allows the user to follow all their favorite clubs and teams so that they never miss out on the next player movement from their favorite club, all the draft picks for the new college students. It’s all here. It is the best apps for latest sports news.

It has the personalized option to select your favorite teams from your favorite sports and follow them to the best. It has specialized items on the home screen itself for the selected teams. It has also got some of the best journalists from around the world to ensure that the users are served with the best quality content. In addition to that, the users can also bookmark their favorite stories.

2. The Athletic

The Athletic is one of the best mobile apps for following sports on the go. It is a perfect mix of old school and new school journalism. It has got no ad intrusions, no pop-ups, and a smooth UI. There’s a catch though. The Athletic is a subscription service, available at $7.99 per month and $47.99 per year.

It has in-depth analyses of lots of teams from a number of sports genres. It has coverage of around 47 sports markets currently and it expanding too. It has a very simplistic layout with nearly no distraction of sorts.


ESPN is currently considered as one of the biggest sports apps in the entire North American market. It covers a large variety of sports, which include the MLB, NFL, NBA, college sports, and many more right on a single mobile app. It has two tiers of services, one for free and the other with a $4.99 per month price tag. The paid tier includes streaming services with live games and commentary.

It also includes scores, highlights, videos, schedules, and many more among its other features. It does include a small number of ads, which might hinder your experience. ESPN the Best latest Sports News resource.

4. FIFA Official

It is the official mobile app for FIFA, football’s world governing body. It has got the latest information on the international tournaments, decisions and rule changes made in the sport and special interviews from the world of football. It has got exclusive highlight packages and exclusive coverage of the international tournaments to make your football experience sublime. FIFA Official is the best Football related latest news apps available on iOS and Android app stores.

It has got extensive coverage of every international tournament including FIFA World Cup, Beach Soccer, and Futsal. It has got the information on schedules and line-ups and locations of matches among its many other features.

5. SofaScore

SofaScore is among the largest sports news apps. They are quite famous for their match ratings and player analyses. They cover football, hockey, tennis, and rugby very extensively among a bunch of other sports. It has got a great archive and users can find out scores and details from matches of long ago.

It has got a very lightweight app which makes it very easy to run even on lower-end smartphones with low storage capacities. It is available in two tiers, one for free and the other for a price of $2.99.

6. CBS Sports 

CBS Sports is one of the biggest sports news apps with sizable coverage of various sports genres. It keeps a great track of updates of scores, stats, and various other analytics. This app even provides live streaming services for various events like NCAA Basketball and the PGA tour.

It has got personalized news and updates for its users. The on-demand highlights for the favorite games are very easily available and 24/7 sports news streaming helps to follow the game on the go.

7. Premier League

The Premier League is one of the most-watched and followed football leagues in the world. The app is available for free on various mobile app stores. It easily lets you follow your favorite Premier League Club on the go. It has got scores from matches since its inception, that is from 1992.

This app lets you manage your fantasy team very easily, providing tips for the same as well. It has video clips from the best moments in the competition. It also provides detailed profiles for every player involved with the league.

8. 365Scores

365Scores is also a great app for following your favorite sport, team, or athlete on the go. The app with its customizable push notifications feature lets you concentrate on the work at hand and not check the app continuously for updates. The app has coverage for 10 different sports which include cricket, football, and basketball among others.

This app allows the users to communicate using a very unique feature called the “Virtual Stadium”. This app is currently available in more than 20 languages which makes it unique, as most of the sports apps concentrate on the English-speaking crowd.

9. BBC Sport

BBC Sport is considered among the best apps for following sports on the go by enthusiasts. It has got great latest and prompt news articles and life score updates. They have match clippings from various competitions as well. The app has also introduced great security features to protect the data of the users. 

The users can stream live videos on the go and watch on-demand highlights. It has got advanced personalization options for the ‘My Sport’ page. You can easily share trending stories and updates with others, which results in an enhanced user experience.

10. Cricbuzz

Cricbuzz is one the most used mobile app for following cricket action around the world. The mobile app was launched by a website of the same name. It gives the best coverage of international cricket around the world. Cricbuzz is one of the best news source for Cricket in the whole world. It covers International, Domestic, and all cricket program news.

The app provides a great ball-by-ball text commentary. It also provides audio commentary in English and some other select languages. It provides in-depth rankings of players and teams in various formats. It also has schedules of upcoming matches and results of the previous matches.


Watching your favorite sports on the go has become very popular recently and more and more people are using the sports apps for doing the same. These were the very best apps from the current market and they will perfectly serve all your sports needs

Watching your favorite sports on the go has become very popular recently and more and more people are using the sports apps for doing the same. These were the very best apps from the current market and they will perfectly serve all your sports needs.

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