What is the Best Project Financial Management Tools to Use in 2020?

Best Project Financial Management Tools

Financial management software and tools are widely used in various industries to track and analyze organizations’ and businesses’ financial stability. They are used to track and make predictions about the business’ future financial performances and potential successes. Financial management software provides businesses with an entire suite of accounting functions that help them track daily financial operations and generate annual financial statements. You can also generate these financial statements quarterly according to the requirement of the business. Additionally, financial management tools also provide capabilities for reporting analysis of budgeting and planning. 

Project financial management tools get designed for companies that have complex requirements. They are also easy to use in smaller organizations. Project financial management tools help businesses keep accurate track of their finances while running a business in a full-fledged manner.

Choosing the best project financial management tool for your business in 2020 is a hectic job. As your entire business finances will depend on this software, you need to make an informed choice. 

Following is the list of the top project financial management tools in 2020 to help you make your decision reliably and smartly.

1: PlanStreet

PlanStreet’s Financial Management software is one of the best project financial management tools out there. With maximum financial transparency, this software consists of various tools that provide comprehensive insights on project forecasting and budgeting. The users get everything from a broad outline of their project over its entire inception to delivery, along with a comprehensive guide of every cost category, whether capital-related or operational. 

With PlanStreet’s software, you can account for all your costs and expenses, create maximum transparency, and identify financial inconsistencies in your project. You then have the liberty and the power to adjust your financials accordingly.

PlanStreet’s project management software also comes with tools that help in labor-cost forecasting. The software’s forecasting tools coordinate with outlined tasks and prevent labor costs from ballooning out of control. The software takes into account all project budgeting and forecasting, making present and future-related decision making a much simpler and easier process. The process is simple because it involves eliminating the ambiguity that seems to revolve around labor and employee costs, often responsible for ballooning them out of proportion.

PlanStreet’s real-time financial tracking tools functions on work logs. They provide an expense tracker for multiple teams across different and varied project portfolios. Project managers and accountants, thus, can make their job much simpler. They can track material costs and benefits using this budget expense tracker and segregate financials based on different entries and concerned variables. 

The software’s high-tech project budget tracking function is embedded with options that help managers set up limits on workflow. The function is easily accessible by the company’s or the business’s leadership, which provides the right tools for project management and financial organization in the right hands. 

PlanStreet’s software keeps projects on track by taking care of their financials exceptionally well. It is not only super-efficient but also highly compatible and versatile with tools that are compatible with leading financial systems.

2: FreshBooks

FreshBooks is a software solution for cloud-based accounting specially designed for self-employed entrepreneurs. The software, in the least, enables people to spend less time on grunt work and spend more time on things that bring value to their company or business. 

FreshBooks makes it easy for you to know exactly how your business is performing on a financial level. With straightforward dashboards and insightful reports, FreshBooks ensures that your business gets all the information and help it ever needs to succeed. The software features high-tech and modern solutions to managing accounts, finances, and other business-related variables to make sure you never waste another minute going at them ever again!

3: NetSuite

NetSuite is the application that is suitable for all businesses who are on the path of fast growth or are, at the least, looking for it. NetSuite is the world’s first cloud ERP software that provides an integrated platform to streamline all back-office processes for project managers. These include CRM, eCommerce, accounting, and finance consulting. 

The software comes with a high level of intelligence and reporting abilities, which gives it the ability to provide real-time visibility and reach to your organization. NetSuite will empower your business no matter what size you are right now. 

NetSuite has helped shoot businesses to the stars no matter how big or small they were by influencing key aspects of their organization like steady growth assurance, reduction in Information Technology costs, and elimination of operational inefficiencies. When these aspects get taken care of, you find yourself having more time and resources to focus on key, revenue-generating decisions, rather than grunt work that often accompanies accounting and finance management. The software provides services related to billing and invoicing, CRM, financial management, inventory management, performance metrics, and training management.

4: Oracle Financials Cloud

Oracle Financials Cloud is a complete, integrated, and holistic financial management solution fit for anyone looking for a viable option. It provides all-around financial management solutions that include accounts payable, accounts receivable, general ledgers, cash management, and fixed assets management. 

It provides services like financial reporting, revenue recognition, and risk management too. In matters of financial reporting, the software also takes care of a balance sheet, general ledger, and a profit/loss statement.

5: SmartFusion

SmartFusion is a comprehensive School Financial/Human Resource Management software system that is fit for school finance, accounting, human resources, or business professionals at K-12 schools. 

Several district and charter schools and networks that relate to them or this industry use this software. SmartFusion brings together all the data businesses or schools need conveniently for analysis and insight generation. The software also facilitates third-party software integration and can display multiple reports and windows to the user simultaneously. 

SmartFusion does not support no-data entry, thanks to its fully-integrated modules and servers. SmartFusion provides tools and services like financial reporting, investment management, risk management, and revenue recognition. It gets used by several businesses in the industry to take financial tasks and projects easier to make project managers focus on the parts and aspects that matter to the project. You can manage the all financial transactions easily card reader for small business.


Here is a comprehensive list of project financial management tools for 2020. These are the best of the best. Although designed for specific purposes, these tools are super compatible with all kinds of businesses who just need their financials sorted. Their compatibility and versatility are what make them worthy enough to feature on this list.

Choosing a project financial management tool for your business is a daunting task. You need to consider so many variables and weigh them in order of their importance to get on the path of choosing the right software. A little negligence here and there might result in huge losses of time and efficiency for your business. 

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