10 Best Hospital and Doctor Apps

Best Hospital and Doctor Apps

Healthcare is always a sphere that is always in demand. The hospitals and healthcare units now need a lot of apps to function efficiently and manage everything to the best of their ability. The apps let you get in more loyal patients who would like to work with your unit if they have everything known about your institution through the app. The app will also help to increase the reputation of the hospital leading to create a successful impression that this hospital is modernizing and looking for more ways to adapt to the changes in science.

The apps are great for hospitals because they allow for the more efficient treatment of patients. The apps allow for the tracing of a patient’s recovery rate. They also allow some non-critical conditions to be consulted even without even needing to leave the comfort of your home.

The apps are an excellent tool to help the doctors find out more and more about the medical histories of their new patients if the same is available in a centralized system accessible only to certified doctors who are eligible to check those records. With everything available on hand, the doctor will be able to monitor each patient with more efficiency and to the best of their abilities.

The app can be used as a very great way of putting forth the charges for every kind of treatment and keep the healthcare system transparent and not dealing with the fuss and problems created by changing rates. This will also let the hospitals have more and more loyal patients who would like to come back for routine check-ups to the units as and when needed.

Another reason to adopt apps for hospitals is that the payment systems will become more and more efficient and it will be very easy to receive payment from the patient’s end as well as pay the money to the vendors and the other employees in the form of their salaries. This will not only save time but also will make a centralized system for the hospital which will help them maintain the security in everything to the true sense of the term.

10 Best Hospital or Medical Apps on iOS and Android

CareAware Connect

This app will help highly in optimizing the hospital processes. This app provides a great solution for streamlining workflows manage various clinical communications on the same device. This app lets the user view the data, status, and progress of a patient on a particular treatment and lets the whole treatment be revised if need be. It is made possible using bar codes to simplify the drug management of the patient and provides various other tools to improve medical efficiency. This app leads to better treatment for some of the critical cases where there is a need for multiple teams to work on and this makes the communication lines really better suited.

Ambulatory EHR

Ambulatory EHR allows the user to get complete access to complete and comprehensive health charts, giving them unprecedented access to the patient’s medical history shared across several health organizations on a single device. The providers can just tap on patient’s records to check their previous test results, get previous prescriptions, and many more. They can also schedule the forthcoming appointments and procedures needed to be performed. It also contains notes of health conditions and progressions. Another feature of the Ambulatory EHR is that it has a platform to include population management tools to help identify at-risk patients.


Airstrip has an offering of a mobile and interoperable platform to work across multiple devices and multiple care settings in a cross-platform pattern. The data of various patients, electronic health records and information exchanges, and monitoring of different medical devices can be easily done using this app. The data can be accessible across various mobiles, tablets, and computers from hospitals, care centers, and community-based care organizations. This app works as a tool to compact and store all the data in a central database which can be accessed via telemedicine and other integrated vendor systems.


This is a mobile healthcare app that specifically focuses on the side of the patient. This allows the patient to directly find out information about their health conditions. This app also gives information on the step-by-step guide to treating the ailments in the most effective way possible. ITriage gives information to the patients about the kind of treatment they have to undergo. It tells whether the condition needs a visit to the emergency room, a map of facilities available in your particular area. It also provides turn-by-turn navigation to the correct provider. This app lets the patients review their previous claims and securely store their health information.

DSS Inc.

DSS Inc.’s mobile app provides a suite of EHR-based mobile features that enhance the care coordination provided, the safety and care of the patient, and puts forth the interoperable workflows which are aimed at reducing the costs. This app provides both clinical and administrative tools which have a range from the emergency room and health care management to administrative operations like automatic billing systems and scheduling tools. On a recent note, DSS was awarded the Faster Care for Veterans Pilot Contract. This is used as a mobile scheduling tool for veterans which can be used on any device.

MyChart Mobile

The app can be easily downloaded from Google Play Store or The App Store to access health data of their previous in-office visits made to the providers. There is a whole selection of data that is available for viewing, which includes test results, immunizations, health conditions, and medications last given by the providers. The MyChart Mobile App also allows the users to confirm their checkups and other appointments, clear all their previously due medical bills, upload the generated data at the latest visit. It also generates fitness metrics according to the data from a wearable health device. Through the mobile app, the patients can directly send messages to confirm and schedule the appointments.


Through this particular network, doctors, nurses, service providers, and other caregivers can be put together in a medical system and they can all work together within a healthcare system. It can be used by smartphones and can be used to easily manage patient rounding. Marbella app can be used to specify the collection of data done outside general rounds which include the safety records and to do quality audits. This app offers the users real-time alerts and tracks the mitigate manual follow-ups. This app can be used effectively in clinics, hospitals, and waiting rooms from any smartphone.

Spok Mobile

This app can provide a unified structure to coordinate between clinical care and improve communication. Spok has the feature to provide the users with “delivered/read” marked messages to and from various devices to ensure the increase in the efficiency of communication. The providers have the feature to organize their messages by priority and to provide messages to their care team on a secured platform. The Spok App is also integrated into the current EHR systems. It provides an efficient hospital-wide scheduling operation. The providers may access the app from the device of their preference which includes watches and mobiles.


The Mobile App of the Patient Keeper software gives the power to the providers to order labs, radiology units, medications, and other similar services for their patients across every hospital department. The catalogs for the treatment of a particular type of patient are efficiently stored in the app to avoid the rebuilding of the lists when the patient of a similar type comes in the next time. The providers also have an option to prioritize called: ‘favorite’ to mark the procedures and medications that are provided to recurring patients to save some highly valuable time. In hospitals, this acts as a perfect substitute for telephone orders.


This is an app for the providers and executives that connects the whole procedure of clinical operations to enterprise management. The app is used in centers to connect various departments and care units to maintain a streamlined workflow. This app is used by the care unit workers to maintain continuum, make clinical communications and coordinated care systems work as a single unit to maintain efficiency. This app also comes as a package with enterprise software that centralizes the working of the units assigns tasks and roles to the users and groups of the healthcare system. This app also comes with a dashboard to maintain the data in an organized manner to be studied more accurately.

Every sector now is on its way to adopt the electronic mode of operation and an app goes a long way in doing just that. The hospital and healthcare sector has also been working at a great efficiency since adopting these apps and these go a long way in the better treatment of patients.

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