What is Android 10: you need to know everything about this Google Update

Google's Latest Update Android 10

Introduction of Google’s Latest Update Android 10

Ever since the first version of android was launched, it has taken a straight leap and users all over the work are constantly eager for phones they come up with android based applications. Recently the tenth version of android is going to be launched and under such a scenario, there are a number of things that you should be aware of.

There are a number of tech-savvy people who constantly to find out what’s new in the market, what’s new in the phones or and computers. However, still, there are a number of things that many of us are not aware of. These things have to be taken care of and we need to know about the given ten things in order to know what android 10 application can offer to us.

The List is Android 10 Update Features are as follows

Dark theme- This is feature has been developed on android 10 versions by keeping in concern about the battery life of such phones that are extremely important for users. However, it is completely upon the hand of the users whether or not they require it or not.

Live captions available– One does not have to take time and search files videos, podcasts and audio messages being sent from and these can be easily recorded and, listen to whenever required.

Smart means of reply options enabled– This is another excellent feature according to which, there is no need to copy down any particular URL, and places it on a new tab to view it separately. Hence a video can be played and easily be aligned within other websites.

Sound amplifier systems are efficient– People also prefer android versions because of the good sound service that android based phones provide. So android 10 enabled phones will come up with excellent sounds that everyone would love to hear.

Good gesture navigation systems– Navigation is another important area for android phones and android 10 makes it even easier. One can play with the home screen and multiple apps at the same time.

Good means of privacy controls enabled services– Everyone prefers to use a phone that is safe and android application based phones come up with wide range of internet options that require safety while login in, or while at other times. So one can log in and safely store all user data within the online without having to fear any illicit access.

Location controls available– There are certain apps that ask you about your preferred location, or the current location where type are in. However, there are many people who do not like such systems. By keeping in mind about such concerns. Android-based applications on android 10 consider location control as a very important factor.

Security update enabled systems– Android applications face tough competitions from Microsoft and IOS applications and out of the many reasons; one very important reason is that of the security updates. There are often many times when android based supplications take some time to get updated and they are not able to live up to the expectations of people at all times. In such times, people get agitated and irritated. Android 10 applications have kept that in mind and there are updates from Google play store, and many other security options within it.

Focus mode enabled systems– There is a separate mode on all android 10 bases ap0pliucatiomns and this caters to the working of focus mode that everybody would like to avail in android phones. Even still, there are a few restrictions that one has to pass through before being able to use this kind of option. To be more particular, one needs to avail the beta tester means to be able to avail of this kind of option. 

Family link options enabled– Family link is something that one can easily avail right from android 9 applications. This is even better in the android 10 application. So families can easily access and set up certain standard screen time, or device bedtime, or other customized means that they might require for their family members or for elder ones or children. So there are multiple customized options and these can be accessed by everybody even by those who do not know about the phone or computers quite well. 


So to sum up, android 10 is more efficient as one can save battery, and avail wider screens. They are even better in terms of efficiency and they run quicker and easier. There are live captions available for all the users as well. One does not even have to worry about privacy concerns and this is probably the most important concern areas for a person who surfs the internet and other sources and store them on the internet. One can even have a regular update of Google pay and other areas like that of the family link.

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