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How to Fix Printer Printing Blank Pages

How to fix printer printing blank pages

Printers are the most common machine found almost everywhere. No matter, you are in an educational institution, business place, and restaurant, or at home, the printer is there to help you get a copy of your required papers.

But what if the printer started to print a completed blank page without any obvious cause? It can be frustrating for the individuals as they may have seen such issues for the first time. However, there is nothing that cannot be resolved – you just have to gain some knowledge.

The article is aimed at helping you get all essential knowledge base to resolve the issue of blank page printing arises in almost every type of printer.

To ways to fix a printer that prints blank pages

Nevertheless, printers are considered significantly useful machines. It is owing to the fact that printers are used for multiple purposes, including document management, printing personal writings, creating the study notes, and much more.

Besides this, the printing machines are used to create invitation cards and other paper material for business or personal use. However, the printer needs to be working correctly well for accomplishing these tasks.

No matter if you are looking for the answers of how to fix HP printer that prints blank page  or facing the same issue with Xerox printing machines – consider the given below tips:

Read the printer catalog in detail

To begin with, new users to the printing machines should consider getting familiarity with the essential feature of a printer. Sometimes, people face trouble owing to a lack of information. In such a scenario, it is necessary to consider acquiring a comprehensive knowledge of the printer. Tips are given below:

  • Understand the fact that you may be missing something
  • Check out the detail of your printer by reading the catalog
  • Use the printer model for getting related information over the internet

Get genuine ink cartridges

The ink is the primary factor responsible for printing the papers. Obviously, the printers cannot give you the best output without using a sufficient amount of ink. Therefore, it is imperative to consider ink-related issues to avoid blank paper printing.

However, if the printer is generating a blank page, you need to check for the availability of the ink cartridge. It is essential to consider genuine ink for higher compatibility with the printer. For instance, if you are using a Xerox Abu Dhabi printer, it is better to get the ink as per the compatibility.  Consider the quick tips:

  • Check for the estimated levels of ink sufficient for printing
  • Take the ink cartridge outside and shake it well before putting into the printer again
  • Replace the insufficient or low ink cartridges

 Clean the printer regularly

First thing first, it is essential to clean the printer regularly for improved performance. If you are using the printing machine daily, you should pay greater attention to shut down the printer once the job is accomplished correctly. Besides this, it is the responsibility of the printer user to clean it properly once or twice a week for proper working. Consider the tips:

  • Keep the printer on a flat surface
  • Cover the printer with a sheet to eliminate dust
  • Keep a check on the leaked ink and clean it well
  • Check for the temperature where the printer is kept
  • Use automated heads for cleaning the printing machine

Identify the problematic cartridge

Sometimes, only one cartridge is creating an issue, which results in blank page printing. It is essential to identify the problematic cartridge for replacement instead of changing the whole setup. In this way, it is crucial to consider identifying the culprit and remove it for proper working. Consider the tips:

  • Check for the ink cartridges
  • Consider the level of ink for printing
  • Identify the low ink cartridges
  • Replace the ink cartridge with a new one
  • Restart the printer and get fresh printing tasks

Get the printer for servicing

In a case that you have tried everything, but still the printer is generating blank pages instead of your required documents, there may be a serious issue.  For this reason, you should consult with the printer expert to resolve the problems.

Luckily, the users of Xerox Abu Dhabi printing machines have the facility to consult with the customer services for addressing any issue, including the error of blank page printing. You can contact us in detail for a quick call for assistance. Don’t forget to check for the printer’s warrantee for opting for repairing or servicing.

Look after your printer to let the printer take care of you!

Summing up, printers are delicate machines. You must pay greater attention to look after the printers for proper working. If you don’t clean the printer and even not check the ink, you may end up getting blank pages in printing.

If you are already facing this issue, it is essential to consider the given tips or consult with the printing repairing experts. Hopefully, this will solve the problem!

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